Weight Loss Surgery - The Benefits and Financial Cost

by : Beverley Brooke

Generally, weight loss surgery such as the gastric bypass willcost between $20,000 to $30,000 - the clinics do makesubstantial profits, which is why some you see advertised offerfree chauffeurs and even airplane flights to the city andclinic. As in all lines of 'business', some surgeries will doall it takes to coax you there, within the law of course.

If you've opted for weight loss surgery, the cost of such aprocedure can be quite daunting. Many people simply can't affordthe surgery without taking out huge loans which could end upcrippling them financially. Is the surgery really worth the cost?

As with all major decisions in a person's life, the benefitsmust be matched and compared with the cost, whether that'semotionally, physically or financially. With weight loss surgerycosting so much, it's critical that the reasons you're optingfor the surgery are thought through extremely thorough, and inmost cases discussed with your doctor.

If for example you're suffering from a number of ailments andconditions because of morbid obesity, such as high bloodpressure, heart disease, respiratory problems etc, and with theimmediate health concerns morbid obesity brings - possible earlydeath, up to 7 times the risk of death from a heart attack andall the added problems that come with it just trying to operatein society alone, you may feel the cost simply isn't an issue,but you must work it into your current and future finances