Phentermine and weight loss

by : Rob Albert

When I met her after a gap of five long years, I was mesmerized. I could not believe that she looked as young and as beautiful as what she was five years ago. She had not changed. Only a streak of silver hair and an anglicized accent had added onto her grace. I am writing about my friend who happened to be a girl- I have no qualms in admitting my love for her. Men are programmed that way - to look around for a partner who can physically and emotionally fulfill their needs. The physical features and economic strata of a possible partner cease to matter when it comes to heart. Of course, the relationship has to be symbiotic and both should gain from it while supporting each other.

What was more surprising was that she had not put on even an ounce of weight whereas I had multiplied my Adipose cells. My weight has indeed geometrically progressed with my age and I was determined to find a solution to it. I had tried diets varying from Anne Collin's to Atkins or tried exercising but these ventures in isolation did not help me shed my extra flab. It emerged during our discussion that a simultaneous effort of physical rigour with diet control plan coupled with doses of Phentermine, the weight loss pill she swore by, can only bail me out of this situation.

Phentermine is primarily an appetite suppressant thereby suppressing the desire to have food resulting in lesser intake of calories. She instructed me to take the diet control pill only under the supervision of a doctor. Also if had a medical history of diseases like diabetes, epilepsy, problem with the thyroid or anxiety disorder, I must inform my doctor. She cautioned me about the possible side effects of Phentermine. She further wanted me to be extra vigilant while driving, operating machinery or performing any other hazardous activity. After the discussion, I was convinced that the reduced consumption of calorific food coupled with physical exercise along with a suitable diet plan will certainly help me control and eventually reduce my expanding waistline.

Five years, one husband and two kids later- she still was caring and supportive towards me that I felt a strong urge to instantly confess my undying love for her, only to be reminded by my present wife about the dinner awaiting us. The human relationships are indeed complex- I may be married to a different girl yet I cannot disassociate myself emotionally from her.

By educating me about Phentermine she added another chapter in my life. I am determined to lose weight.