Xenical in UK is a Craze amongst Obese Individuals

by : Clarence Carter

Obesity is becoming one the most dreaded diseases in recent years. The average weight of an individual all over the world is increasing like never before. If obesity was only about looks than one could have gone without its treatment but the risk of certain future diseases like heart diseases, joint pains, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, stroke and paralysis has lead to its fear.

Excess intake of fat, physiological changes due to certain diseases or drugs, low physical activities and genetic factor are some of the main reasons why an individual is obese. Surgery, liposuction, exercise, controlled diet and weight loss diet pills are some of the available ways to get out of obesity. While liposuction and surgery are costly, needs re-operation plus obesity returns after few months or years, others such as exercise and controlled diet are time consuming and needs to have a discipline in following it.

In that aspect coming of weight loss drug pills like Xenical has been a boon for many obese individuals in UK. It got FDA approval in 1999 and has been in use since then for weight loss. The usage of Xenical by the large number of obese individuals from US prompted the obese persons from UK to use the diet pill to reduce obesity.

Xenical works in the digestive system by blocking around a quarter to one-third of fat intake to reside in the body. When it is taken its molecule attaches with lipases and helps in blocking them to breakdown fat intake. As a result of which the excess fat is excreted.

The dosage for Xenical is a pill of 120mg with water along with the meal which contains fat. But along with the pill, exercises and a balanced diet should be taken to get the maximum result. A consultation with a doctor is required for taking this drug as this drug is a prescription drug. Particularly, pregnant women, breast-feeding women, children and, individual with heart diseases, stroke, allergy, diabetes and blood pressure should consult a doctor before taking the drug.

Anxiety, dizziness, nausea, stomach upset are some of the prominent side effects of Xenical(Orlistat). But these side effects subside once body adjusts to it. In case of these side effects or other side effects like vomiting, urination problems and fatigue etc. one should not shy away from a doctor.

Though it has its share of mild side effects Xenical is becoming a craze amongst obese persons in UK as it can reduce weight in a quite phenomenal manner.