Reductil Reduces Obesity Unlike Any Other Diet Pill

by : Clarence Carter

Every obese person knows the risks associated with obesity still the craving for the food does not seem to end for him. It is useless to give him advices on how he can get away from it till he has the willpower to get away from that extra intake. Diet pills are something which is worth considering in that event. These diet pills reduce appetite and let him lower his food intake.

Distinguishing an obese person from a person with a normal individual is done by taking into consideration the BMI or body mass index. If a person's body mass index is more than 27 then he is said to be obese.

Reductil works by increasing noradrenaline and serotonin levels in brain. And increasing of serotonin level makes appetite lower. As the appetite gets lower the food intake decreases which in turn lead to low fat formation in the body. So other diet pills this drug acts on the brain to fool it of having a full stomach.

Reductil sibutramine is usually sibutramide hydrochloride monohydrate is oral prescription drug for obesity treatment. But the effect of the drug is maximised when it is taken in combination with exercises and a controlled diet program.

Side effects that are predominant with Reductil are constipation, dry mouth, loss of appetite, insomnia. But these side effects are for short period and are mild. If a patient has heart disease, psychiatric illness, diabetes, blood pressure, allergy etc. he should not take the drug. Children below 18 years should also avoid the drug. Medical consultation of a doctor should be taken in case a pregnant women or breast feeding mother wishes to take Reductil.

Whatever be the effect of a diet pill like Reductil is on obesity the effects are short lived and temporary if not supplemented by exercises and a reduced diet program. After medication of Reductil stops a patient should continue his daily exercises and controlled diet regimen.

Weight loss is disease which can be the cause all future diseases for an obese individual. Reductil is a weight loss diet pill that can help you to fend off all those future diseases like hypertension, blood pressure, heart ailments, cardiovascular diseases and paralysis etc.