Ancient Time Or Modern World, Hoodia Always Effective

by : Emily King

Hoodia is always effective whether it is the modern ages or the past eras. What is Hoodia? Where is it found? Why had it been used in ancient time? How is it beneficial presently? These are some questions for which the reader can find answers in this article.

Hoodia is the name of a cactus like plant, it is found in the Kalahari Desert of Africa. There are various species of this plant and Hoodia Gordonii is one of them. The tribal people of the desert had to go in the desert for hunting, which was the prime source of their food. In the desert there is always a scarcity of food and water, which makes hunting in desert almost impossible. To overcome from this problem, the tribal people used to chew Hoodia plant, because they knew that Hoodia would suppress their appetite for the whole day. With the help of Hoodia they maintained their existence in the hardest climate of the world.

Since Hoodia curbs appetite, therefore it can help in weight loss of the body. Phytopharm, a drug developer and manufacturer, identified the significance of this effect of Hoodia for obese and overweight people. The company started clinical trials with various species of Hoodia plant. During clinical trials it was found that only Hoodia Gordonii curbs appetite efficiently and benignly.

For appetite suppression Hoodia follows a unique path. Digestive system of the body converts, everything we eat, into glucose. The glucose is absorbed by small intestine and transported to all cells of the body through blood. Till the presence of food in the stomach is acknowledged, the level of glucose in the blood remains constant, after that it falls down. When it falls down the brain becomes aware about hunger. Hoodia maintains a constant level of glucose in the blood even if there is no food in the stomach. This effect of Hoodia is taken as fullness of stomach by the brain. Till the effect of Hoodia remains in the body one cannot feel excessive urge for food.

Hoodia appetite suppressant is available in the form of diet pills, capsules and Hoodia health drink. These are prepared from P-57, an extract of Hoodia Gordonii. Only Phytopharm is licensed to and has the technology of extraction of P-57 from Hoodia Gordonii plant. Presently the company is developing and marketing Hoodia medication in collaboration with Unilever.

You can make Hoodia a prime companion in your anti-obesity expedition without the prescription of a doctor. But a doctor must be consulted before starting its use because only a doctor can decide whether Hoodia is suitable for you or not. The reasons for being that are:-

Hoodia is meant only for the people with body mass index 30 or more

Hoodia is not meant for pregnant ladies and ladies planning to bear child soon

Hoodia is not meant for breast feeding mothers

Hoodia is not for patient of fat generated cardio-vascular diseases

The dosage of Hoodia is a single pill or capsule daily before breakfast on an empty stomach or as directed by the doctor. Hoodia is available through an online order. Buy Hoodia diet pill through an online order and get it at cheaper rate.