Phentermine: No False Promises for Weight Loss, Only the Truth

by : Ethan Hall

The promotional campaign of weight loss programs generally starts as, 'lose 10 pound in a day' or 'want to lose weight now, ask me how'. Generally all these advertisements are fake and bogus. People, who become victim of these so called health experts get nothing, but lose valuable money and time. Moreover, they put their body on certain serious risks like permanent backache and muscular cramp. Be cautious about the so called health experts because only a doctor can tell you the appropriate way of weight loss.

Doctors generally have the view that if you have a control over your appetite, you can lose weight, without any extra burden on your body. No rigorous exercising and no risk of exercising generated serious problems. Doctors also knew that the stomach of an obese generally settles for higher amount of food. Thus, reverting to lower amount of food forcibly is not only difficult but also harmful for the body of an obese. Thus, doctors generally prescribe medications for suppression of appetite. These medications are known as appetite suppressants.

There is a wide list of appetite suppressants, which are available in the weight loss drug market. The appetite suppressant, which most of the time is prescribed for weight loss, is known as Phentermine. works on your nervous system and it evokes a feeling of satisfaction towards food. Phentermine is powerful in its work; therefore it is the first preference of almost all medical professionals. The competitors of Phentermine also admit this fact.

No matter how much beneficial Phentermine is for you, but you should not use it, unless and until a doctor prescribes this medication for you. Phentermine is meant for adult human obese only. It can cause some harms in zygotes embryos infants and children. Therefore, ladies planning to bear child, pregnant ladies, breast-feeding mothers and children should strictly avoid the use of this medication. An obese who is already on some medication should inform his or her doctor beforehand about his or her status. The doctor can restrict him or her from using Phentermine if on certain medications. Other than these conditions, there is generally no problem in getting a doctor's prescription for Phentermine.

This is not free from side effects but the side effects of Phentermine are rare, temporary and mild. The side effects can be dry mouth, nausea, dizziness, stomach disorder and increase in rate of heart beats. The side effects take place only when the body of the user is not adjusted to the medication and often disappear after the use of medication for a few days. However, in the case of intense and prolonged side effects the medicine should be discontinued and a doctor must be contacted immediately.

If your body mass index has already crossed 30, then you should definitely ask your doctor about Phentermine. You can through an online order. An online brings Phentermine on cheaper rate at your doorstep.