Can Women Really Achieve Rapid Fat Loss Without Diet Drugs?

by : heather picken

Many women think that if they want to lose fat rapidly that they must resort to dangerous diet drugs. Not only is this dangerous, but there are much safer ways to achieve rapid fat loss.

We've all been there...we have a special occasion/event that we want to look our best.

It will take some serious dedication with hard training and a solid fat loss nutrition program. What you don't want to do is go on a liquid fast...yes you will lose weight quickly but most of it will be muscle and not fat. Keeping your muscle at all costs. Muscle is your key to having a faster metabolism so that you can produce rapid fat loss.

Here are some of the keys to rapid fat loss:

1- Eliminate processed carbohydrates.

Think white flour and product like white bread and crackers. There is no room in your fat loss program for these.

2- Reduce the amount of starchy carbohydrates.

An example would be potatoes and brown rice. You don't have to eliminate them completely, just cut back.

3- Increase your protein intake.

Eating lean proteins like chicken and fish help your metabolism to burn more fat, while preserving lean muscle.

4-Increase you water intake.

This helps with rapid fat loss and keeps things moving. Not enough water can actually make you retain water.

5- Increase your cardio (aerobic activity).

Depending on how much you are doing now you can either increase the duration or the frequency. For example if you are doing 30 minutes go up to 45-60 minutes per session. If you are doing cardio 3x a week then increase it to 5-7 sessions per week. Rapid fat loss will occur when you increase cardio because it helps the body to burn more calories and as a result more fat.

*Make sure you do your cardio with intensity!

6-Taking EFA's (essential fatty acids) like fish oil or flax seed oil is crucial for rapid fat loss.

I've seen it many times where women will not include these in their diets and as a result the fat loss comes to a halt.