The Negative Calorie Diet - is it Right for You?

by : Sue Brubaker

The basic principle of The Negative Calorie Diet involves eating various fruits and vegetables that have a negative calorie effect. There is no such thing as a negative calorie food. There are however, foods that use more calories to digest than they contain. You can eat an abundance of these negative calorie foods so you don't feel hungry while you're on the diet.

Here are the Pro's of The Negative Calorie Diet:

1. Excellent for quick weight loss and subsequent weight maintenance

2. Can be followed in combination with other dietary programs

3. Practical, maintainable and easy to follow with little effort as the foods can be consumed in their raw natural state

4. Does not involve fasting, only consuming healthy foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber

5. Allows generous portions of low calorie foods

6. Promises greatly improved body metabolism

7. Includes an amazingly easy to follow exercise plan and many delicious recipes

Here are the Con's of The Negative Calorie Diet:

1. If you really dislike fruits and vegetables, this diet is not for you

2. Food preparation may be somewhat time-consuming

3. A sudden reduction of calorie intake may cause problems such as tiredness and weakness

4. May only be good for short-term weight loss

5. Excludes certain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which are necessary for good health

6. Omits foods containing reliable amounts of proteins and fats

7. Very few proofs or scientific studies have been documented confirming the theory that certain foods require more calories to digest than they contain


The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Not only do you lose weight fast, but the diet cleanses your entire system and increases your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. -- This is a good thing!

Is The Negative Calorie Diet for you?

The answer is yes! -- If you want to drop those extra pounds before summer, and love fruits and vegetables, look no further than The Negative Calorie Diet.

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