Alcohol and Heart Disease and How to Control

by : Roger Thompson

Most people do not consider alcohol a drug, but it is an drug. When you abuse alcohol you will find that it can destroy your entire life. Not only will your addiction take control of you life, but your body as well. It can ruin your liver and other major organs. It can also contribute to your heart disease.

Although, more than half of all adults drink, if you abuse your ability to drink you will only be hurting yourself. Alcoholism is a very serious condition. You will want to take control of your addiction and by doing so you will be able to reduce your risk of getting heart disease.

The cause of alcoholism is still unknown, but it has some aspects that you can control and some that you can not control. For those who are lonely, angry, depressed, and so on or more likely to become alcoholics. When it comes to the amount of drinks that you can have it varies person to person.

Some people can have a drink or two and stop, however, there are some who can not take any because it is so addictive for them. Your alcohol consumption will not hurt your heart if it is moderate. You will find that there are some things that will even keep your heart going strong. A glass of red wine is said to be good for you, however it is only if you take eight ounces of wine per day. When of the great things about alcohol is that you will be able to keep your blood from clumping or clotting. This is important when it comes to avoiding blockage.

For those who drink heavily you will find that your blood pressure will become higher, your heart will become enlarged and weak, you may even have congestive heart failure, which will cause you to have a stroke or heart attack. When you drink a lot you are putting large quantities of fat into the blood system. If you have never drank, you may not want to start. It is more harmful than helpful.

Moderate drinking is hard to define. Some people think it's having one or two drinks every now and then and some think that it is to the point of toxicity. Most states have a set of laws that state when a person has too much, however, moderate drinking is being able to have a few, but quit before you feel a buzz.

It is never too late to quit drinking, even though it doesn't take too long for the organs to begin to break down. You will want to make sure that you consult a doctor on how you can successfully and with your health in mind quit drinking. You will want to make sure that you don't try to quit by yourself, but have the support system needed to let go of the addiction.

You should also try to reduce your weight to decrease the chances of heart attacks. One thing I recommend is Pure Health Hoodia which has many good features.