20 Must Have Foods for Single Men

by : Sandra Goldstein

The one major problem single men have is, they never their pantry stocked. This could be problematic. If your pantry isn't properly stocked, you are more likely to fill up on snack food or worse; fast food. You need to ensure you have a well stocked pantry so Unsure of what kinds of things you should have on hand? Well, no need to concern about it any further. We have outlined a list of 20 items you must keep in your pantry.

1. Fat Free Milk. You should always have some fat free milk on hand. Cereal in the morning is a great way to get a good easy meal.

2. Water, always have some cold water on hand. Get yourself a pitcher or something that you can keep water in the ice box. I would suggest that you don't run to the store to get more bottled water. There are many products that you are use to filter your tap water. One of my favorites is the pitcher with the filter in it. I'm sure you have seen these on television before. When you pour the water, it goes through a filter.

3. Carrots. These are great for snacking. Just add some low fat dip and you have a snack that will rival any deep fried snacks.

4. Fruits. Always have some fruit on hand. It is great for snacking. You can eat fruit and instead of potato chips.

5. Eggs. You need these for baking and other specialties. Also they are great for a protein filled breakfast.

6. Peanut butter. This is a great way to get some protein without having to worry about the fat. Use it on your toast for breakfast instead of butter.

7. Butter. You shouldn't suck on butter like you do a lollipop. But, butter is a must for baked goods. Also, fried eggs taste great cooked in butter.

8. Yogurt. This is great for hot summer days. You can make tons of drinks out of this. Also, it is great with chicken. You should learn a bit about Indian cooking for more ways to use yogurt. Indians love yogurt and eat it often. Also Activa is a great way to help your digestive tract.

9. Mayo. Don't use this stuff every day. But, you do need to use some if you make tuna or chicken salad. It can also be great on low fat cuts of chicken and such. It is good on items that are dry. Make sure to buy the low fat kind and to use as little as possible.

10. Lemons. These are a must if you eat a lot of seafood. Also, a cold glass of lemonade is great after a hard days work.

11. Fresh ginger. This will keep for a long time in your ice box. Don't cover it or anything like that. Keep it whole in your ice box for best keeping.

12. Cheeses. This is certainly a must have. Don't ingest too much of it. Cheese is the beauty of life. It can make a dull dish come alive.

13. Drinks. Always have some drinks on hand. Have some fruit juice, beer and sodas in the ice box. Don't go over board with them, but you can have a beer from time to time as a treat.

14. Mustard. I like to use this instead of mayo on sandwiches. It is a great way to knock out the fat. You can choose regular or spicy. In any case they are healthier than Mayo.

15. Pasta. Want a meal in a minute? Pasta is the way to go. It only takes a few minutes to cook.

16. Canned veggies and fruits. When in a pinch, canned is better than none at all. You should always eat fresh fruits and veggies, you should always have some canned ones in the pantry. How do you know when you will have a craving for corn and not have any fresh on hand? Canned food can last a very long time, so you don't have to eat it right away. I would suggest to you that you eat as many raw veggies as possible. If you must cook them, blanch them slightly. Just cook them long enough so that they starchy feeling of a raw veggie is gone. Certainly don't cook them until they are limp and colorless. That robs them from anything that is worth eating. You are eating these to be healthy, that is a choice you make. Cooking them to the point that they are worthless might be an easier way to force yourself to eat them, but your efforts are being wasted.

17. Bread. You should always have some bread on hand. Don't go hog wild here on the carbs. A good sandwich is great from time to time. I would suggest that you find a local bakery and buy your bread there. Don't buy that awful white stuff that has been sitting on the shelf for who knows how long.

18. Jerky. You can make fish jerky, turkey jerky and beef jerky. I love making jerky because it saves me so much money. I don't have to pay over ten dollars a pound for jerky. I can use what ever cut of meat that is on sale at the store. You can always go with the same boring veggie platter for a snack. I do love my veggies, but this can get a bit boring at times. That is why I love the dried fruits and veggies.

19. Cereal. Great for that last minute breakfast. Have some of this on hand so you don't have to wait in line at the fast food joint to get your heart attack on a muffin.

20. Spices and herbs. Always keep some of these on hand. Go to a place where you can buy them in bulk. Don't buy those little containers in the store. Not only are they too expensive, but you don't know how long they have been sitting there. When you buy from a place that sells bulk, you know that you will be getting fresh items.

Here are some ways to increase your fruit and veggie consumption:

For breakfast-time put some fruit in with your cereal. I love doing this. This gives your cereal a sweet zing without adding a bunch of sugar. Also you can drink a glass of juice along with your breakfast. Juice is a great way of 'eating' your fruit. Make sure to get juice with the pulp in it, it is also good fiber.

Lunch. Eat healthy salads. Make sure not to load them with bad dressing. Have veggie sticks along with your meal, this will also fill you up.

For desert you can have a piece of fruit. This is a better desert than having a ice cream or something you will regret.

For dinner I would suggest that you try vegetarian pizza or meals based around veggies.

Why not eat some flavorful fish and a plate full of greens and corn? You can mix and match things how ever you like it.

The main thing to understand, make fruits and veggies fun. If you keep them bland, you won't be encouraged to eat them. Get a cook book or your favorite cooking web-site and learn how to prepare your fruits and veggies. You will notice a drastic difference in the way you feel and people will see it too!

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