Can Hoodia Gordonii Slim you Down?

by : Eliza Maledevic Ayson

is a very interesting ?ancient plant' that has been used for thousands of years but just beginning to catch on to the ?Western world hoodia' for weight-loss. The huge media coverage has led to a flourishing industry in hoodia gordonii based products, whether they be ?' or hoodia as just one of the ingredients of an already existing weight loss product.

But before you rush off to buy a hoodia supplement you should understand a bit about what studies have shown so far with respect to hoodia gordonii for weight loss. Knowing these facts will help you navigate through hoodia product and buy the best product to avoid the fake ones.

Know The Facts About hoodia:i) There are a variety of hoodia plants. Only the hoodia gordonii class contains an active element that helps suppress your appetite. As the demand for hoodia gordonii is far surpassing the supply, some hoodia sellers are using unreliable but advertising their products as Pure hoodia even though it might have been made from a different hoodia plant than the hoodia gordonii.

ii) Of course many companies claim their hoodia extract can slim you down, the only thing that has been proven so far is the ?P57 molecule'. ?P57' is the ?active ingredient' in hoodia gordonii that was isolated. It was licensed to a company named ?Phytopharm' that conducted a study using it. It was found that morbidly obese people using ?P57' ate on average of 1k less calories per day. Obviously this is the reason why so many people think hoodia for weight-loss is the new rescuer for the obese and people looking to slim down.

iii) What is most important to keep in mind is that as long as the hoodia products are extracted from real hoodia gordonii, it should also contain some of the active ingredient in it. Study shows that only the core of the plant has the active ingredient.

So can hoodia slim you down? And the answer is a big Yes! But only if you buy a real product and avoid the false ones.

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