How to Keep yourself Motivated When you Feel Like Quitting

by : Terry Edwards

One of the most difficult aspects of staying on any weight loss program, whether it is Fat Loss 4 Idiots or any other diet plan, is keeping yourself motivated. Here is a simple tip that can help.

Trying to stay motivated during those tough days on any diet plan can be the most difficult thing you will go through. It literally can be the difference between seeing success and simply going through another diet program.

I certainly know this firsthand because there would be days when things went wrong at work, problems at home, or something else would happen that made me want to eat something I knew I shouldn't. I'm sure you know what it's like. So, what kept me going? Motivation of course. But how can you keep motivated and committed when you feel like quitting?

Find something tangible that motivates you. That's right; set something in front of you that will keep you going on those difficult days. Here's a great example and one that I talk about on my blog.

For me, I bought a $25 pair of Levi's at the mall. Not just any old pair of jeans, but a pair in the size I wanted to get to. And while I couldn't even pull them up over my legs, this is what motivated me. I knew that if I stayed on my diet, which is Fat Loss 4 Idiots, then I would reach my goal.

Two months later I am now able to wear those jeans! It wasn't easy, but on those days when I wasn't feeling motivated I would look at those jeans. Now this may seem laughable to some, but it worked. Having something tangible in front of you will often be much more powerful than just a thought in your mind.

Even though Fat Loss 4 Idiots, or another type of weight loss plan, gives you the stops and the tools, they can't keep you motivated. Try this tip and I'm sure you will find success.

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