Fat Loss 4 Idiots Vs. the Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

by : Terry Edwards

With the growing popularity of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet, I get asked quite often how it compares to other weight loss plans, such as the cabbage soup diet plan. Let's take a look.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet

This weight loss program uses a unique menu generator in addition to their idiot proof diet handbook to produce an 11 day menu plan.

The plan allows you to input 14 of your favorite foods and the menu generator gives you 4 meals a day for 11 days. Afterwards, you then have 3 "cheating" days in which you can eat any foods you wish, in moderation of course.

Does Fat Loss 4 Idiots work? I have found it to be a very effective weight loss system and you can read about my results on my blog at the end of this article.

The Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

The Cabbage Soup Diet Plan, or Mayo Clinic diet as it is also known, is a 7 day diet that is based on eating cabbage soup.

The plan calls for eating any amounts of cabbage soup you would like throughout the day. Why? Because there aren't many calories in a bowel of cabbage soup.

The diet plan also calls for eating other foods, but they are very specific in nature. For example, on one day you can eat cabbage soup along with all the fresh fruit you would like. On another day it may be soup and all the rice you want, but no fruit.

The Cabbage Soup diet plan is a little strange to say the least and would not be a weight loss plan that would appeal to most people.

Will it work? Absolutely. If your daily intake is limited to cabbage soup and some fruit, rice, etc, you will lose weight. And that's the appeal here. It's a quick weight loss plan for the short term.

The Verdict

Personally, I couldn't recommend the Cabbage Soup Diet Plan as a healthy, long term weight loss program. Although I do enjoy a bowel of cabbage soup every once in a while a steady diet of it throughout the day just wouldn't work for me.

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