The Best Way to Boost Metabolism and Build Muscle

by : Leah Fendi

Metabolism is defined as chemical process in the body of combining nutrients with oxygen that change foods into energy for growth. It is also understood as calories burned by an individual during a typical day. Metabolism varies greatly from person to person. Difference in metabolism can be due to a few factors - amount of muscle tissue, body temperature, thyroid hormone, age, lifestyle, genetics and others.

One should know that metabolism can be damaged by practicing wrong techniques in order to lose weight such as starving diets or losing weight too quickly. However there are still ways to get back metabolism back into high gear. The basic formula to boost metabolism is to stop the storage of new fat and to attack the existing fat. The best way to boost metabolism and burn the fat efficiently is by building muscle. Nevertheless, without consistency and high motivation it is not easy to build muscle, but it is much easier to get motivated when you understand why you have to build muscle to burn the fat.

Muscle is the most active tissue in the human body and is essential to life. Since your body is working away even when you are sitting, building new muscle repairing old ones. All of this activity burns a lot of energy. It is estimated that one pound of muscle requires 40 to 50 calories per day to function.

So, what is the best way to build muscle? The answer is high intensity resistance training, not long duration exercise. Resistance training, which is also known as weight training or strength training can be done anywhere without specialized equipment. You do not have to spend a lot of money by joining health club. You can use dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, or even by using your own body as resistance. Besides that, common household products can be used when resistance training. By doing resistance training at high intensity, you will take a short duration and turn it into 24 hours of fat burning. High intensity resistance training is most effective if done at least 3 times a week consistently. Make sure you have your own schedule to keep you on track and ensure success in losing weight.