Does Fat Loss 4 Idiots Deliver its Promise

by : John Davenport

One the most popular online diet programs on the web today is the fat loss 4 idiots program. What are the main features of the fat loss 4 idiots diet? What does it promise the people who use it? Who should use it? It is important to know these things before choosing a diet.

The promise: The fat loss 4 idiots diet promises that you will lose 9 lbs every 11 day cycle.

Results: 9 lbs. is an average. Some start slower than others and pick up the pace later. Lets be honest. 6 lbs. in 11 days (a common result) is a very good weight loss.

Method: Shifting Calories. By rotating what you eat you maintain a high metabolism creating a fast fat burning process. This is done by creating a personal specialized menu. The menu is created by the program's menu generator.

Menu Generator: a unique software program which is included in the diet when you order it. You type in the sort of food you like to eat and the generator gives you a menu which takes into account your preferences but also ensures a continuous fat burning process by shifting your calories.

Price: Usually 78$, but there is a limited time offer of 50% off, so if you hurry it's only 39$.

Customer satisfaction rate: There is a 97% reported customer satisfaction rate.

What do you get when you order fat loss 4 idiots: The menu Generator and the Idiot Proof Diet Handbook which includes additional fat losing tips as well as 10 fundamental rules of fat loss.

Who should use it: Anyone who is overweight, wants to lose weight fast and to maintain the weight loss in the future.

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