Fast Fat Loss - 5 Tips to a Fast Fat Loss

by : John Davenport

Everyone who wants to lose weight wishes that his or her fat loss will be as fast as possible. Many diets promise just that with a varying degree of success and reliability. But there are some simple steps you can take that, regardless of the diet plan you're using, can boost the pace of your fat loss.

5 tips to a fast fat loss

1. Write down what you eat - Carry around a small notepad in which you'll write down what you eat and the time in which you do so. That way you'll have a small task to give you pause between any sudden cravings you may have and satisfying them. You'll also be able to go over what you eat every day and be much more aware of what you can cut back on.

2. Get a good night sleep - sleeping well is very important to keep a healthy physical balance. Sleeping also insures that all the systems in your body are working as well as they normally should and therefore are burning more calories and fat. If you don't sleep well, your fat loss will slow down considerably. It is best to sleep 7.5 - 8 hours each night.

3. Replace deserts with fruit - You can't imagine how tasty a fresh and juicy piece of fruit can be. Fruit is often much tastier than regular deserts and is much healthier. Replacing your deserts with fruit will also cut down on the amount of useless calories, processed sugar and fat that you eat.

4. Tell everyone that you're on a diet - Being on a diet should not be a secret and you shouldn't hide it. On the contrary, if you know that the people around you know that you're on a diet, it will get you much more motivated to succeed in what you're doing.

5. Eat 4-5 medium sized meals a day - Eating 3 meals can prove disastrous to your fat loss quest, because when you eat 3 meals, each meal tends to be a large one. Your body has a hard time dealing with that amount of food all at once, so it does a poor job of digesting your food as well as it should, and it ends up converting more of your food into fat. Don't overeat, just spread the amount of food into more meals.

Follow these 5 tips and you'll enjoy a faster fat loss.