Eat Less and Gain More Weight, Strange! But Can be True

by : Arthur Carry

When we define a person as "good looking" we stress on the person's looks, body language and "figure". Thus a person's physique is one of the most important considerations for him/her to be good looking. Keeping this in mind, today, people try hard to get into proper shape.

There are health freaks, who doesn't matter come what may, never fail to make it to the gym. There are girls who give up on all the palatable dishes to get that enviable "wine glass" figure. There are people who overcome water phobia and join swimming classes to lose weight. There are also people who join dance classes without even knowing the "D" of dance, not with the purpose of knowing the art, but for weight loss. And most absurdly there are people especially girls who are always in a half starved state so that they may look like Naomi Campbell. All these, to get that ultra-glam figure.

Now, you must be wondering why I called the last point an absurd one. The answer to the surprise is that skipping meals and starving is not only bad for your healths but, hold your breath, can also increase your weight.

Before your eyes pop out in surprise let me explain you the mechanism behind how eating less can make you gain more. When we have our regular meals in time metabolism takes place in our bodies. As a result of this metabolism, different digestive enzymes are secreted in our bodies. Consequently the food that we have is efficiently and properly digested. The body works to benefit us from the nutrition that we get from our food and the toxins or the waste matter is separated. Conversely when we skip meals, the metabolism thereby which the digestive enzymes are secreted, slows down considerably. As a result whatever little we have is not broken down to the simpler parts in proper time period and as a result fats accumulate in the body. So in this way we tend to gain weight.

So all you meal allergic out there, pay heed to the advise given above. Don't underestimate it. Apart from weight gain, skipping meals is also baneful to your general health and your skin. I skipped this point in the first paragraph, but a non-lustrous skin can spoil everything good that you have. Beautiful features and a good physique are incomplete without the ingredient of a good skin. However your meals should be healthy and nutritious so that you can reap these benefits.

If you are into any form of physical exercise than well and good. However, if you are not, either owing to a busy work schedule or laziness, I can offer some help to you. There are diet pills available in the market that can be of help to you in case you are over weight. Xenical is one of the best diet pill and can be bought online at a cheap rate. Xenical weight loss is very popular and has brought relief to many. But hey, hold on, before you exalt at this piece of information, let me throw in a word caution. Xenical is a prescribed drug and can prove to be harmful if used without medical prescription. I can assure you that the effects resulting from unwarranted use of Xenical will be much baneful than the ones resulting from skipping meals so do not forget to consult a physician before you order xenical or buy xenical online.