Toxic Politicians

by : Tammy Lawrence-Cymbalisty

You may have seen the Global News report which featured the amount of pollutants in Ontario's Premier and other election canditates.

tested three Ontario political leaders for toxic chemicals in their bodies: Premier Dalton McGuinty, Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory and NDP Leader Howard Hampton.

We tested them for 70 chemicals in total. And, we found 46."

This may come as no surprise to some and an eye opener to others.

Healthcare practitioners have known this for many years maybe not specific to the politicians (some would argue politicians are all toxic!) however to Canadians as a whole; the air we breathe, the foods we eat, the houses we live in. Pollutants are all around us.

This is the exact reason why cleansing is so very important.

There are a wide variety of cleanses on the market. And it should be noted you should not begin a cleansing without first speaking to your health care practitioner.

One of my very favourites is The products taste amazing and the system is easy to use. It also helps to promote weight loss; their marketing strategy promotes, "a cleaner, leaner body" by flushing the body with essential nutrients.

They offer 30 day or 9 day cleanses. Here's how a 30 day cleanse looks:

2 Accelerator tablets daily.

For one day you drink 4oz, 4 times daily of a fruity beverage called Cleanse for life. As I said, it tastes amazing; just like fruit punch. The thing I find the most challening with Cleanse days is the wish for tradition foods. Although its not my body wishing it, but rather my brain! On this day you are allowed to eat snacks if you are hungry; almonds, eggs etc., And these little chocolate wafers (Snacks) which taste like cookies; up to 6. I find I always eat the 6 snacks again not because I'm hungry, but more because its hard to get your mind around not eating food!

For the next 6 days you are allowed 2 shakes per day (preferably in place of morning & evening meals). You can get the shakes in either chocolate or vanilla. This product is called IsaLean Shake. The shakes are incredibly filling and delicious! For your 3rd meal you are allowed FOOD! And they provide you with a suggested meal guide featuring low fat meals.

During the cleanse you drink 1/2 of your body weight in purified water per day. That sounds like a lot, however it is to help flush the toxins from the body.

You repeat this process for 30 days: 1 cleanse day followed by 6 days of 2 shakes and one traditional meal.

PS. When looking at their price list keep in mind you are replacing many meals: if you were to buy groceries for the same amount of meals they cost would be even.

PPS. also features on their website a list of things you can do in your own home to help eliminate toxins.