Save your Child From the Demon Called Obesity!

by : James Petersen

Today most of the children living in the metros or even in the towns are having working parents. The rise in the cost of living and the cut throat competition has compelled even the mothers to go out in search of jobs. Apart from the money factor, women today are opting for a career for diversified reasons which won't be discussed in this article. However more often than not it has been seen that the children who have a childhood sans the full care and attention of their parents grow up with certain abnormalities - both mental and physical. Most of the times these abnormalities are apparent but sometimes they even go unnoticed. In any case children with twisted minds or unhealthy bodies are not a good sign for the society at large. Because as they say- today's children are the future torch bearers of our society.

Unable to give proper time and attention to their children, parents often try to compensate for these loopholes in their upbringing by giving in to the irrational demands of their child (ren). Interestingly enough the parents are the ones who introduce their children to the things that later develop into a habit or even addiction. Most of the parents "pamper" their children by giving them things which they think would make up for all that they couldn't do for them. The children also understand that if they throw a fit they will get what they want. The stuffs that top the list of children's favorites are video games, cartoons, money for the ones who understand the value of money, toys, apparels, and most importantly the demand for junk food or eating out in general. Parents first indulge their children into these things and eventually it becomes almost impossible for them to make their child give up on these habits.

The culture of eating out and eating junk in particular has become so rampant in children that it has led to dangerous proportions in their physical health. One such dangerous consequence is the alarming increase in the rate of obesity in children. It's really a very sorry sight that even children in the age group of 3-4 years are falling in the grip of obesity. Obviously, the above mentioned cause is not the only culprit; various other factors also come into play. For instance heredity is a very important factor for obesity in children. The point here is not to dwell on the cause of child obesity, of course the cause has to be chalked out, but immediate attention has to be given to the treatment of obesity in children.

Today's children are appallingly lacking in any form of physical exercise which is a very important cause of child obesity. Most of their time is spent in school, tuition, and in being a couch potato. On observation it can be seen that surprisingly children today hardly go for the outdoor games. They are satisfied with the video games and other indoor games. This lack of exercise in children coupled with the increased consumption of unhealthy food has led to this dangerous phenomenon called obesity.

Here parents commit another horrendous blunder when they make their children go through bariatric surgery. It is a real tragedy, which again is a result of 'dearth of time' that working parents have to face. Instead of opting for the time consuming process of physical exercise and regulation of the food habits, parents go for the seemingly "easy" method of surgery. It's alright if adults go for surgeries or , a , but surgeries can be life threatening more so at a tender age, so it is better to regulate the eating habits of your child and give him more of your time rather than putting him under knives or going in for . Remember nothing can be more appealing and healing than mother's Love!