Weight Loss - How Serious a Health Problem is Obesity

by : Alien

Research shows that obese children are at increased risk from a number of serious health problems more usually seen in adulthood, including hardened and blocked arteries (coronary artery diseases), high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. When they grow up, they are more likely to be obese. Do you or someone you care about weigh more than they should? If so, then you are not alone. Nearly two-thirds of adults are overweight and one in every three is considered to be obese. It isn't only a cosmetic concern, either. Obesity holds many more medical concerns ranging from heart problems, diabetes and an increased chance of a stroke. More than 300,000 deaths a year are linked to obesity.

There is good news, however, in the case of fighting obesity. Did you know that even a modest amount of weight loss can bring some health improvements? You can easily do this just from eating healthier, exercising and changing behaviors. There is also prescription medications and surgical techniques available to help with the weight-loss process.

Just as you will be making physical changes to your body, you will also need to make emotional ones as well. Dealing with obesity is not just about what you eat. It's about losing weight and completely changing your life. It is a process of changing your eating habits, changing false ideas you have about food, improving your mental self image and getting rid of external dependency. Here a few ways you begin to improve your overall life quality.

* Try to stay away from fad diets or crash diets. They just don't work. There will be times where you will lose a little bit of weight but you will end up just gaining it back. There are even some instances where a crash diet or starving yourself will just hurting your digestive tract, liver and kidneys.

* Don't get upset if someone is insensitive to your condition or makes fun of you. If someone does, turn that humor against them by showing them you have a strong self esteem by make fun of yourself a little. Humor is usually the best way to make someone shut up about something they know little about. They'll be the ones who look and feel stupid. Don't give that person or bully the satisfaction of seeing you upset or bothered by their insults. The one person whose feelings matters, is your won. If the insults get to you and you show it, you're giving the person satisfaction. What you think is all that matters.

* Staying on the topic of people making fun of you, the same holds true for friends. They are not friends if they make fun of you about your weight problems. If any of them do or insult you in anyway, get rid of them as a friend. They aren't worth your time or friendship. They should like you for you and your personality and not your looks.

Obesity also affects youngsters who have reached marriageable age. They find difficulty in getting married as most suitors' dislike to get saddled with an obese partner especially girls. An overweight male is viewed to be a majestic personality who commands respect and even fear in some cases. However in case of females they are ridiculed, rejected in marriage alliances and even despised in some cases. This is one of the many reasons why women are more figures conscious than men, always seeking various devices than men, always seeking various devices are and health programs to reduce their weight.

Apart from the sedentary lifestyles developed by so many today, that has caused this tremendous rise in the obese population, another problem we face today is the food we eat. There are so many fast food joints out there, that it is almost impossible to ignore them. Not even with the busy schedules you and I run nowadays. We want the fastest things we can get around. See where that has lead us.

It is quite imperative to be careful and watchful of what we eat. It's quite easier to avoid eating the wrong set of food than to stop eating when the consequences arise.

Although, there is some bit of hereditary attached to obesity in some instances, eat the right food, live an active life and you will glad you did.