Best Food for Weight Loss Some Foods Help Lose Weight

by : Alien

No food alone could ever cause us to lose weight, there is no such thing as the best single weight loss food. We all understand that weight loss is the result of the energy consumed from all various foods within the diet, and that a diet's total energy must be lower than the energy used by the body. Some foods make it really difficult to lose weight. They create their own self-sustaining cravings ("Betcha can't eat just one!") and play havoc with your blood sugar and, ultimately, your waistline. But other foods do just the opposite.

Statistical data from 2003 to 2006 indicate that obesity rates had risen in 31 of the 50 American states. The data came from surveys conducted by different local health departments on the height and weight of people from different states. Another result of the survey pointed out a close relationship between obesity and heart disease among the respondents. Due to the serious health implications of the study, state funding had been allocated to educate people about the dangers of being obese and overweight. The government-sponsored weight loss programs also focused on simple information campaigns about good eating habits. People were provided flyers and other reading materials that contained information on how to make proper food choices. This strategy made sense since there are types of food that can actually curb one's appetite and stop your sugar cravings. These food groups also boost metabolism which helps consume stored fat in the body which, in the process, leads to weight loss. Shown below are some of the "good food" that should be part of a weight watchers eating plan:

1. Beans - Beans contain cholecystokinin, a digestive harmone that acts as a natural appetite suppressant. Beans also keep blood sugar on an even keel and helps stave off hunger longer. High-fiber bean varieties can even lower cholesterol levels.

2. Salad - Eating salad is highly recommended by the American Dietetic Association because the vegetable-based meal is rich in vitamins c and e, lycopene, folic acid, and carontenoids. However, it is best to cut down on the dressing when eating salad. Some salad dressings can actually be high in calories.

3. Eggs - Eaten in moderate amounts, eggs are good for the health since these contain protein that helps prevent spikes in blood sugar. Weight watchers are often advised to eat only egg whites.

4. Green Tea - This type of tea is an antioxidant and helps stimulate metabolism which, in turn, burns fat. Green tea is rich in antioxidants called catechins.

5. Soup - Having a little chicken soup is good for the body because it helps decrease hunger. Chicken soup is considered a folk remedy for colds and flu.

6. High-fiber Cereals - Cereals which are high in fiber help improve digestion and are good for reducing hunger pangs.

7. Tofu - If you eat tofu, you tend to eat less food. Tofu is considered as an appetite-quashing protein.

8. Desserts: You have to try and keep your sweet tooth under absolute control and avoid desserts.

9. Olive Oil - Cooking food in olive oil is healthy because it contains mono-unsaturated fat which is widely accepted as a product that helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

10. Pears - This fruit is a good source of fiber and fructose which does not cause spikes in blood-sugar levels.

11. Nuts - Research released by Purdue University showed that adding about 500 calories of peanuts to their regular diet helped them eat less food that could cause weight gain.

12. Watermelon - Who doesn't love diving into a crisp, juicy slice of watermelon when it's hot outside?

"Half of the watermelon comes from water. ...It's a wonderful way to satisfy thirst and a yen for something sweet," says Moores.

To keep your cool and cut your time in the kitchen, start with prepared produce, such as cut-up fruit and washed greens. Add rotisserie chicken, prepared soups, and pre-threaded kabobs when you need something a bit heartier. Pre-prepped foods may cost a little extra, but they save time in the kitchen.