Five Steps to Lose Weight Effectively

by : Ruddy Setiadi Gunawan

Many people keep asking how to lose weight. I saw most of them really want to lose weight but unfortunately they can't keep the discipline in dieting. Some of them are just lazy and the others are unhappy with the process. Actually, to get the maximum result from your diet, you should need to do these steps. You must remember that dedication and perseverance are the most important things if you want to lose weight.

First step: Now before you start any training, you must look back into your past and see what you've done so far. You believe you are a fat man/woman but of course everything has a start point. Remember what your favorite foods are and also your daily activities. If you are a super-lazy man and you eat lots of tasteful foods, then go to step two.

Second step: Motivate yourself. This is the most important thing if you want to lose pounds effectively. Without any dedication, you will 'lose' in every aspect of your life. It is similar with weight loss, you need to find what your motivation is. When you have one, you will enjoy your training and eating habits. If not, then you will feel that you restrain yourself each time you work in the gym or eat less than your usual habit.

Third step: It is time to act. You should eat less than your normal proportion. Add more veggies and fruits to your meal because they contain less calories but very useful for your body. Veggies and fruits aren't only important for diet, but also very crucial in order to keep away your body from diseases. Please remember that you always need to eat high fiber veggies or fruits because if not, some kinds of disease will attack you. You also need to stay away from constipation. Just try to eat less foods and add more veggies, don't ever stop eating.

Fourth step: Start moving, running, or anything that can help you feel better. Some people go to gym but it doesn't mean you always need to go there. If you feel jogging or playing basketball is better than gym, then why not? Just start moving every day and make it as your usual habit. Usually, expert people suggested us to run 30 minutes every day, not less or more. The reason is simple, because you need oxygen to burn your fat. You don't want to lose too much oxygen, don't you? This is why people said the most ideal time is 30 minutes every day. Get used to it.

Fifth step: Now, you might want to start using a weight loss pill to help you lose weight faster. Keep in mind that short term weight loss pills won't be able to help you. They are scams. Use long term weight loss pills which do not promise you too many unusual things. Natural weight loss pills usually will help you to lose weight but it won't give you any magic. If you choose the real weight loss pill and you have changed your daily activities, then you will lose many pounds effectively.