Weight Loss is Dangerous During Pregnancy

by : James Petersen

Weight gain during pregnancy is a very natural phenomenon. Pregnancy and weight gain are two directly proportional terms. As and when a woman conceives she gradually starts gaining weight. And the weight goes on increasing along with every passing month. However weight gain in pregnancy must be proportionate. Too much weight gain or too little weight gain during pregnancy are matters of concern and require immediate medical attention.

In the earlier days weight gain in pregnancy, leaving apart the tummy was not taken as a healthy sign. The increasing flab along the waist line, the ever growing thighs, the chubby face all were seen as something unhealthy especially during pregnancy. This was more so with the women who were over weight even before conceiving. Well, the fact is no matter how fat a woman is, she needs to gain weight during pregnancy, 15 pounds at the minimum. And the ones who are not over weight needs to gain about 20-25 pounds. A person's weight prior to pregnancy has nothing to do with her weight during pregnancy. Not gaining weight during pregnancy is abnormal and hence not healthy. Weight gain is important because a woman is growing another living being inside her. Weight gain ensures that the baby inside her is maturing.

However, there is a way to gaining weight during pregnancy. It is absolutely important to eat nutritious food but eating for two human beings doesn't mean that one needs to eat twice as much. It means eating such food that is beneficial for both the mother and the unborn baby and attends to the nutritional needs of both. And you will be surprised to know that losing weight during pregnancy is never safe. On the contrary many a times the woman is asked to gain weight. And the best way to gain weight during pregnancy is by eating small, frequent, and nutritious food. This is the best way to healthy weight gain.

It is clear that weight gain is very important during pregnancy and conversely weight loss during pregnancy can be dangerous. But there is another angle to this issue. Weight gain and pregnancy go together but overweight and obesity during pregnancy are highly incompatible. It has been proved in various surveys and studies that obesity during pregnancy can be very dangerous and the former can complicate things for both the mother and the child in pregnancy. Hence all the women who are over weight and obese should work towards shedding some pounds before planning to conceive. Otherwise there are very strong chances that they and their babies might end up in intensive care units right after delivery. Maternal obesity and prenatal complications have also been proved. Therefore the attempts to lose weight should be prior to pregnancy. Any weight loss program during pregnancy can be fateful.

During pregnancy even the weight loss drugs like can be absolutely useless. In fact Diet pills are not safe for pregnant women but they are for all the other people. But here too there is a condition. Weight loss diet pill like Xenical are strictly prescribed drugs and they are to be had only on prescription. You can from anywhere, it is the only weight loss medicine which is available even as an over the counter drug. If you want you can even buy Xenical online that too at a cheap rate. But don't even think of having it without medical prescription. And all you would-be mothers; better keep away from Xenical or !