Help and Motivate Teens to Lose Weight

by : John Dave

If you have kids and they are already 12-18 years old, you probably notice that those teens do not care a lot about their body. Some teens only know what tasty foods are and they don't even care about sport activities. In America, you maybe have seen these types of kids a lot. They are people who love junk foods, high-calories soda, and other kinds of 'useless' consumable things. Unfortunately, they avoid sport activities just because they feel they are pathetic. We, as parents, need to change this dangerous situation.

You need to grow confidence to your kids. Some old people say it is very normal if teens are fat, even they say fat is healthy for young people. Actually, it is a false saying. If you grow with one kind of habit, then it will be very hard for you to change your habit. So if you love eating foods without vegetables, probably you won't ever love vegetables until you 50-60 years old. There are many examples about this. I know determination and dedication can change our eating habit but not everyone has high dedication when they dieting.

Usually, we don't have time to watch our kids' activities in school. However, we can do one thing which is to tell them about what is good and what is not for them. Provide them with some healthy foods before they go to school and make sure that they eat your meals. Some school actually have began their campaign against junk foods (they ban unhealthy foods) but most schools never care about this. The best solution is to tell them what they should eat and don't stop until they realize what they need to do.

You maybe also need to grow your kids' passion for sport. It will be very wasteful if your kids never love sport. If he/she loves soccer, tell him to participate in soccer organization in your school. If he/she loves baseball, tell him to play baseball. If he/she doesn't love anything, maybe you need to tell your child to do some weightlifting activities/jogging (based on their age). Weightlifting activities are good although you need to know that some fitness activities are harmful for people below 18.