5 Small Tips to Help you Lose Weight

by : Cole Carson

It's easier than ever to gain weight. Our lives are constantly becoming less physical, as the need for convenience and ease is met with advances in technology. At the same time our diet is suffering from high-fat greasy foods and genetically altered food products. Combine these together, and its' easy to see why the pant size of Americans are growing by the inch. Fortunately for all of us, there actually are very convenient, plentiful ways to counteract those pesky pounds, and here are five great ways of doing just that.

1. It's often said that the only way to eat an elephant is one small bite at a time, and losing weight is no different. It's a big deal that can be handled by doing several small things that will help you keep the weight off. Since one of the largest contributors to expanding pant sizes are those several little snacks you pig out on throughout the day, stopping those can be a big help. The solution - brush your teeth! Brushing after each and every meal signals to your body that meal time is over, and you're less open to eating when your mouth is clean and fresh.

2. Many people underestimate the importance of water. Water is necessary for your body to function properly, and you need at least a few glasses of water a day to give your body what it needs. Water can also help you lose weight. By replacing all of those soft drinks and coffees throughout the day with water, you can eliminate as many as 245 needless calories or more from your diet. Water also does a good job of flushing from your body toxins and excess waste that it doesn't need. You'll also find yourself with more energy for longer periods of time, and you won't find yourself hit with thirst so often.

3. Obviously, one of the best ways to make sure you lose weight is to ensure that you burn off most all of the calories that you take in throughout the day. Aside from exercise, a good way to do this is to make sure that most of your calorie content is consumed in the morning or at lunch. By doing this, you give your body time to process these foods and utilize those calories as energy. Eating during the evening doesn't give your body this chance, and it will be forced to convert those calories as stored fat. Fix yourself a big, hearty breakfast, and not only will you burn off those nasty calories, you'll also have more energy and will have a smaller appetite throughout the rest of your day.

4. It's no secret that we eat far more food than we need. We are a culture that is obsessed with food, and we pack in more than our bodies can possibly handle. If you want to lose weight, the first thing you have to do is cut down on your portions. As a general rule, when you get a plate of food, discard between a quarter and a third of it before you even sit down. It may be painful to do so, but the bottom line is that you don't need all of that extra food. Your body won't be able to burn that many calories.

5. When most people think of exercise, they imagine push ups, trips to the gym, jogging, or other intensive forms of exercise that are difficult to start and take a lot of effort and discipline to stick with for any length of time. Fortunately, all of that is really not necessary for losing weight. Walking is one of the most efficient fat-burning exercises on the planet, and it can be done anywhere you are. Walk around the office, take the stairs, and go out of your way to get the steps in. If you really want to lose weight, start walking every single day for extended periods. Any good long walk is beneficial, but it is generally recommended that you take 30 to 45 minute trips to lose those pounds.

Believe it or not, losing weight isn't actually a bone-crunching, life-threatening challenge. It's a simple process that requires two things - knowing all of the little things that can help put the weight off, and the self-discipline to keep those little things up. Anyone can do it - keep yourself in a positive mindset, and you'll notice those pants fitting more loosely in no time.