Weight Loss Tips - 5 Simple Tips for Eating at Restaurants

by : Peggy Edwards

Going out to eat is one of America's favorite pastimes. That's evidenced by the billions of dollars we spend each year doing so. While it may be fun eating out, it can also be very fattening if you're not careful. Here are 5 simple tips to keep in mind when eating at restaurants and trying to lose weight.

1. Just Say No To Appetizers

When asked if you would like an appetizer, just say no. The same for the pre-meal loaf of bread or rolls. At the very least, take home the appetizer for later. Just don't eat them before your meal.

2. Watch The Dinner Salad

Dinner salads are great if you watch what is on them. Lettuce, tomatoes, carrots or other vegetables are fine. But, leave off the bacon bits or croutons. Stick to an Italian dressing or an oil and vinegar based dressing. Forget about the thick creamy ranch or thousand island.

3. Watch The Sides

Many dishes you order come with some kind of rice or pasta. Avoid this if at all possible. Substitute the rice for a side of fresh vegetables or the seasoned veggies. Filling up on rice or pasta will only contribute to filling out your waistline.

4. No Fried Or Breaded Foods

A deep-fat fried chicken steak may taste good, but it also puts on the pounds. This even applies to a fish dinner. Instead, order the broiled fish or even the shrimp, etc that is not breaded.

5. Pass On The Desert

Desert may be tempting, but again, just say no. Stuffing yourself after a meal with the chocolate brownie delight is doing nothing for your diet and weight loss goals. It only goes straight to your waistline.

These 5 simple tips can greatly help you with any weight loss plan you are on. Even if you are not on a diet they can help you keep your weight in check if you eat out a lot.