This BMI Calculator Helps Manage your Weight

by : Gerry Hears

BMI calculators are all over the web. Google reports there are over a million references to the phrase "BMI calculator," and it's easy to conclude that there could be tens of thousands of actual calculators.

But what good are they in managing a weight loss plan? Not much, really. The standard BMI calculator that you see everywhere just gives you a snapshot of your Body Mass Index based on your height and current weight. Sure, you can plug in different weights and see what your BMI would be in various cases, but this doesn't really help you to select an ideal weight, and it certainly doesn't tell you what to do to achieve your ideal weight.

Far less common are online metabolic calculators. These estimate your daily calorie utilization based on your age, sex, and level of activity. That's an essential factor for managing your weight rationally because it tells you the number of calories that will keep you at a constant weight. To lose weight, you must eat less, burn more through activity, or both.

What if you were to have a really intelligent BMI calculator? Based on your height it could give you your ideal weight range.

And what if you could combine that BMI calculator with a metabolic rate calculator? And then add some calculations about time span? Then you could see how many calories per day you should eat if you want to lose 20 pounds in time for that June wedding or reunion.

Until recently this better calculator didn't exist. If you wanted to know that calorie number, you had to first search for the right formulas and then painstakingly perform the arithmetic.

But there's good news. has introduced a free interactive service called Jason, the Weight Loss Advisor. Jason can perform all these calculations and more. He'll tell you your ideal weight range, he'll tell you how many calories a day will get you to your chosen target weight in your chosen time span, and he'll even tell you which weight-loss plans are the best fit with your preferences.

No more tricky arithmetic. No more guesswork. This is truly a better BMI calculator.