Nobody is Right About Losing Weight

by : Jonas

To which group you belong? The people who think losing weight is incredibly hard, or the ones who think losing weight is a piece of pie: just eat less and you will lose weight? The fact is that both of them are wrong and the truth lies somewhere in between. Forget your believe and discover a more nuanced view on weight loss.

You think losing weight is difficult?

If you think weight loss is a game of luck, rocket science or involves something supernatural, get it right now. To loose weight is not as tough as it seems. The main reason for this misunderstanding is the difficult Weight loss jargon such as carbohydrates, mono-saturated fats, slow sugars, empty calories, and so on. Don't they just seem to be invented to make you look like an idiot?

But here's a tip: try only one fat loss theory at a time and see if it works. Why would you learn so many tough terms from different weight loss 'experts'? Many times they contradict each other, so if some diet does not work out for you: forget the theory and it's lingo.

If you tried out various weight loss methods and did not get the results you hoped for, do not get desperate just yet. No one has the same body, genes or personality. You just need to find the diet that matches your characteristics, which isn't easy but neither difficult.

Write down what you find hard about losing weight: Is it preparing the recipes? Understanding the diet? Sticking to it? Or maybe getting support from friends? This is the first step in succeeding to obtain your weight goal. Then tackle those problems! Join a healthy cooking club, search a diet with few and easy rules, find support on a weight loss forum, etc.

You think losing weight is easy?

You or your friends think losing weight is easy as A-B-C? Wrong. It's not just exercising more and eating less. If you eat less calories than you spend a day, you'll lose weight in the short term. But in the long run you'll end up with problems like demotivation, the jojo-effect and your genes.

There's a reason why there are diet experts: people who studied the difficulties about healthy weight loss methods. And difficult it is: everybody has a different metabolism, hormones in different quantities, lives in a different environment and so on. So don't hesitate to speak to a professional that can give you the tips which are right for you personally.

Whatever you do, don't blame yourself that you did not loose those extra kilos yet. Or judge your friends who are having a really hard time loosing excessive weight. Be supportive. And never again say losing weight is difficult or easy.