Weight Loss Tips: 25 Weight Loss Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

by : Daniel Bell

People who lose weight and keep it off succeed by adapting a healthy lifestyle, not by dieting. You must enforce healthy eating habits that will continue to be part of your life forever. Weight loss isn't something you can do for a few weeks or month. It's a life-long commitment.

Here are twenty-five tips that will help you adapt a slow and steady weight loss plan that you keep help you lose weight and stay healthy.

1. Start with achievable goals

2. Don't expect to drop excess weight quickly. Research shows that people who lose weight slowly are more successful than others who experience quick weight loss.

3. A realistic weight loss goal is two pounds a week.

4. Don't look for miraculous weight loss. If you lose weight quickly your will probably gain it back.

5. Slowly change your eating habits and lifestyle.

6. Weigh yourself once a week maximum. Hoping on the scales everyday will drive you to distraction and will become obsessive. It actually takes as much as two weeks for any weight loss to occur.

7. Eat smaller portions and replace three meals a day with five smaller ones. This helps to control blood sugar and it's easier to burn calories from small, light meals.

8. Mix carbohydrates, protein and fruit for a healthy meal.

9. When enjoying your favorite snack, read the nutrition chart and measure the recommended amount into a bowl. Never eat snacks such as chips, out of a bag. This leads to over-eating.

10. Prepare measured snacks ahead of time. That way you can just go to the cupboard and get a small bag. Never go back for seconds.

11. Drink flavored no-calorie water instead of soda, or add lemon juice or avocado juice to water for a refreshing, thirst quenching drink.

12. Don't use food for comfort or de-stressing.

13. Leave the table immediately after you've finished eating. Avoid desserts or have a cup of low fat yogurt.

14. When you are home and craving an extra rich treat, tie on your walking shoes and go for a walk. By the time you get home the craving most probably will have passed.

15. Walk for at least 30 minutes a day. This can be broken into two, five minute increments, if desired.

16. Park your car at the outside edge of the parking lot, where it's much easier to get a parking space, and then walk to the store. This will help you get in your minimum daily requirement of walking.

17. Wear a pedometer and walk between 5,000 and 10,000 steps per day. This will help you lose weight more quickly while doing so in a healthy manner.

18. Eat a bowl of broth based soup, such as minestrone or vegetable, before eating your meal. This will take the edge off your hunger and you will eat less. Do not eat cream soups, as they are much higher in calories.

19. Reward yourself once a week with a small treat. This helps you to avoid binging and brings weight loss success.

20. Learn to love yourself as you are. Beauty is in the heart and soul. Remind yourself that you are beautiful.

21. Never eat anything after 8 pm.

22. Write down everything you eat. This helps you keep tabs on your food intake. You'll be surprised at how quickly it adds up.

23. Keep food off the table. Place single servings on plates and put them at the place settings. You're more apt to take seconds if the food is within easy reach.

24. Eat vegetables first. Vegetables have lots of fiber, which helps make you feel full before you get to the carbohydrates and fat.

25. Put your fork down between mouthfuls of food. Chew thoroughly and swallow before picking up your fork for the next bite. This allows you to savor your food and it helps you to eat slower, which improves digestion.