What is the Difference Between Dieting and Cleansing?

by : Carole Scoville

In this short message I will reveal the primary differences between dieting & cleansing -- and determine which will get you to your weight loss goal more quickly and which is better for your health.

This is how most diets go for the average American -- let's call him Joe...

Plan A: cut calories and increase activity. Ok, that sounds simple enough. After about a week or two, Joe will decide the one or two pound weight loss per week is not worth the hunger pangs, sweets cravings and grueling excursions at the gym.

Plan B follows, shortly after Joe person gets an invitation to his high school reunion and his ex-girlfriend's wedding reception. Plan B consist of salad, veggies, and more salad until he starts dreaming of cheeseburgers in the middle of his work day. Plan B usually lasts less than 24 hours -- followed by a guilt ridden, but jittery wait in the nearest fast food drive through.

Plan F: this is when Joe finally decides, "This is just how my body is supposed to look, and I'm tired of feeling guilty each time I eat a Twinkie. I'm never going to look like Brad Pitt!"

The problem with diets, and where they fall far short of nutritional cleansing, is in the following three areas: rapid weight loss, reduced/eliminated unhealthy cravings, and long term results.

Lets go over each of these in detail...

How does cleansing help you loose weight rapidly?

Believe it or not, cleansing is not actually designed to help you lose weight, but to assist the body in its overwhelming task of flushing impurities from your system. Your body actually produces fat to encapsulate impurities (toxic air, water and foods) that enter your body. Nutritional cleansing leeches those toxins from your cells and then, as a side benefit (and a very nice one, I will say) your body will let all that extra fat melt away quickly. When done correctly, you can expect to lose 5-10 pounds in your first 10 days of a good cleanse.

How does cleansing reduce cravings?

A healthy body craves healthy foods -- that is all there is to it. When you flush impurities from your system and flood your cells with intense nutrition, you won't crave junk food. Most junk food cravings are a sign that you desperately need a certain mineral in your diet. For example, when you are craving salty foods, like potato chips, you are most likely low on sodium or chlorine. A good nutritional cleanse will flood your cells with every vitamin and mineral it needs -- resulting in less or no cravings for junk.

How does cleansing help me lose weight long term?

When impurities enter your system, your body produces fat to coat these toxins. When you diet, you lose body mass, but you still have the same amount of impurities in your system. The effect -- your body senses increased levels of toxicity and goes into emergency fat production -- this is more commonly known as the REBOUND! This is why most diets help you lose weight, but almost inevitably, you gain the weight back, and then some.

When you choose to lose weight using a nutritional cleansing, your body sheds impurities which stimulates your body to release fat. There is no rebound with cleansing since the impurities are flushed from your system and your body doesn't need to produce excess fat.

Here are the facts: cleansing will improve your health and reduce your waistline more quickly than a traditional diet. Weight loss can be a frustrating experience, so take the guess-work and "hoping for results" out of it and start a nutritional cleanse today. You are guaranteed more health and less flab. Good luck with the natural weight loss!