Powerful Herbal Solutions for Weight Loss

by : Joy Peace

You probably have heard of this or that drug that was so promising, it was so effective and so cheap you felt it was more than a blessing. What happened next? suddenly you began to hear news stories about people getting sick or even dying from this so promising drug and your mind went blank. You said to yourself, can anyone really trust any of these new drugs today? Shouldn't I rather stick with something I know and trust? Yes, You are probably right .Major countless incidents we have heard about have caused irreparable heart aches for people and call for our caution.

Talking about weight loss in particular many drugs have been manufactured, that promised great benefits, some even fantastic results in a few hours, but then most have not only not delivered but have reasonably harmed the health of its users.

Well, let's get some things straight.For the past 10 years, the weight loss industry has generated over 10 billion dollars, yes you heard right , its a big market with tremendous spending potential, but the very fact that it is a very promising market makes it a prime target for abuse.

Many drug manufacturers in a hurry to accelerate sales, do not carry out extensive drug testing. A minimum of 5 years is recommended by the FDA, but you find manufacturers spewing out daily drugs that have not undergone extensive testing. The results are often quite terrible. Cases of diabetes, irregular heart rate, hypertension, and even irregular ovulation have been reported.

One major reason, why these so called "magic cures" do not actually work is because they sometimes contain chemicals which are not readily absorbed by the body over time. Initially their intercellular reactions are quite favourable, but with time, the accumulation of these chemicals in the body results in adverse symptoms. Chemicals such as Nickel, and Vanadium are needed in the body in very little amounts, some like lead, can be tolerated at very trace quantities but soon as they reach a particular threshold dizziness, headaches, malaise and eventually poisoning set in.

In order for a drug to be certified as safe for human consumption and health, extensive testing has to be done and the interaction with the body over time monitored exhaustively, but most weight loss formulas today have not undergone such rigorous analysis.

My Recommendation, stick with pure natural herbal products whenever you're in doubt. Research after research have found that, many herbal suppplements are indeed the needed remedy for weight reduction. One such herbal supplement Dietrine works by inhibiting the absorption of exess calories from carbohydrates in the body. Such excess calories that cannot be catabolysed by the body are usually stored as body fat. Another, hoodia, works in a dually effectively way. As a carb blocker and as an appetite suppresant. And many, infact virtually all of the nasty side effects brought on by artificial appetite suppressants are absent with hoodia and other herbal supplements.

In conclusion, in your fight to lose weight, try to stay away from artificial, synthetic weight loss drugs that have not been extensively tested and verified as safe.