How To Get Rid 5 Pounds of Belly Fats

by : Cheow Yu Yuan

The most effective way to get rid 5 pounds of belly fats in 5 days is to not skipping meal or exercising and eating more consistently and healthily. You may think that think that by just eating less and skipping meal, your belly fats will go away. There is nothing further from the truth.

To lose weight fast and effectively by eating more, you need to use a special dieting technique which is called calorie shifting. Calorie shifting is a dieting technique which you will eat more and lose more weight.

Calorie shifting is something that is extremely safe and will not need to you change your lifestyle or torture yourself. Its main purpose is to enhance your body's fat burning system and make it work harder to help you lose weight faster. To implement this dieting technique, the only thing you have to do is eat 4 or more meals a day and mix up the amounts of calories each meal contains.

By mixing up the calorie of each meal, you are catching your body's fat burning system off-guard. Your body has a natural way of knowing what you will eat and you have developed an eating routine over a period of time. This causes your body's fat burning system to always burn the same amount of calories every time you consume a meal.

So when you try to eat less and skipping meal, your body will adapt to this change and burn less calories so as to follow the routine. Therefore, you will not be able to lose weight and this will become a very ineffective and unhealthy dieting plan for you.

When you use implement calorie shifting technique in your weight loss plan, it will start to manipulate your body's fat burning system. As you start to eat 4 times and more with different calorie values for every meal, you will catch your body's fat burning system off-guard which will trigger it to increase your metabolism rate and fat burning process. As you have broken your eating routine, it will also force your fat burning system to work harder and more often to burn fat, which will result in a faster weight loss for you.

Calorie shifting is a good dieting technique which will work for everyone, no matter what your weight and age is. Therefore, to lose your 5 pounds of belly fats fast in 5 days, start implementing calorie shifting to your weight loss plan now.

Calorie shifting is a much safer and effective way to lose weight when compared to other weight loss techniques. To learn more about calorie shifting, you can visit the website below for more information...