Is It True That Men Burn More Fat than Women?

by : Jerry Leung

There is no doubt that men and women are different in nature. This is especially true for the difference in the bodies of men and women. In fact, the hormones in men and women make lead to this kind of difference.

Because of the testosterone hormone of men, the voices will be deepened and the hormone also leads to the hair growth. Of course it also leads to a bigger muscle mass. As a matter of fact more muscle mass will in turn lead to a faster metabolic rate. To this end more calories will be burnt. It is indeed the main difference between men and women in terms of controlling the body weight.

If a man and a woman are having the same training at the same time, it is sure that the results of the two people will be different. According to recent researches, women gain weight faster than men. As a result, it should be more difficult for a woman to lose weight. In order to keep the body shape perfect, a woman has to do more exercises than a man. They have to double the effort, when compared with a man, in order to make the body shape look good. The fact here is that it is already very difficult for men to lose weight through exercises. And from this you will probably know how difficult it is for a lady to lose weight through exercises.

Nowadays, people are all chasing for a slim body shape. This put women under a very difficult situation. All women want to keep fit and lose weight but it will become more difficult when time goes by. As a result, a lot of women will try to take dieting as the last resort. However, in most cases dieting is not something healthy. A woman may finally succeed in getting a thinner body. However, they will lose a healthy body at the same time.

According to a study by BBC recently, it is shown that women can feel an improvement in their self-image if they can have exercises for about 35 minutes a day. In fact, there is not much drop in the weight of them. The drop in weight is only 9 pounds in three months. However, the study concluded that the women became a lot healthier. And most importantly, the women themselves felt a lot better. It may probably imply that women should focus on attaining a healthy body instead of a thin body!