Getting Fat - Why Am I Getting Fat Again

by : Cheow Yu Yuan

Are you wondering why are you getting fat so quickly again after you have successful shed some pounds off your weight? The culprit is your diet. You see, it is very common for you to rejoice after you have successfully shed some 10 pounds off in 2 weeks. Then to celebrate your success, you tell yourself that you have already achieved your goal and you can take a one leg off the paddle. But to your surprise, you quickly gain back your old weight and get fat again.

To not get fat, it is always about having a healthy diet and take in just the right amount of calories for your body. If you eat or drink more calories than your body requires, the excess energy is stored as fat. This is usually the case when you have successfully lost some pounds and want to celebrate your success, you engage in a big feast. How not to get fat again?

The key to not get fat again is to not go off your diet and back to your usual routine. The diet and exercise plan that you have plan for yourself must so be so restrictive that you find them a torture. It is always good to take things at a slower pace, and gradually increase the pace once you are more comfortable with your regime.

If you are irritated by your restrictive diet and exercise plan, you cannot maintain the light weight that you have achieved through your persistent effort few weeks ago. If you want to keep the weight off and not get fat, you must not eat unhealthily and do not overeat. For every meal, make sure that you have fruits and vegetables which help in your digestion, as well as to detoxify your body. When your body contains too much toxic, it will store them as fat cell, which will cause you to have a larger stomach. Moreover, having a balanced diet will also improve your health, so there is really no reason why you should not eat right.

Other than eating right, you also need consistent exercise. Not because that you have successfully shed some pounds, you can cut down on your exercise sessions. Stick to 30 minutes per session, 3 times a week. It does not take you more than 1 and half hours every week to maintain your previous light weight, so why not sticks to it?

To stay away from getting fat, you must develop a consistent change in your eating and exercising habit. Do not consume more than your body needs and take some time off every week to work it out either at the gym or park. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime is not temporary, it should be forever.