Health Reasons for Losing Weight

by : Gary Grewal

When someone states that they want to lose weight, it can be due to several reasons. The most common reason for losing weight is aesthetic reasons or looking beautiful/handsome and fit. Unfortunately, sometimes this causes people to lose their commitment, since becoming more handsome or beautiful can be put off for another day. In reality, the most important reasons for losing weight should be for health reasons.

The most obvious and important health reason is the fact that being overweight will pave the way for variety of diseases. The most common problems that you can experience are heart problems. Heart is the engine of our body, but unfortunately, it is the organ that is most vulnerable to a disease caused by being overweight. The more weight that you have, will mean that your heart will have to pump more blood to oxygenate your vital tissues and organs. Thus just like metal fatigue, your heart will also get fatigued and you will end up facing serious heart complications. Also, another weight related health complications will arise from your circulatory system. When you are overweight, more fats and more toxins will be circulating in your system and these fats and toxins will accumulate in your arteries causing circulatory problems that can lead to variety of diseases.

In addition, researchers have found that Type II Diabetes, which is common in adults, is generally caused by obesity and especially belly fat. Being overweight allows the body to develop insulin resistance and thus your chances of getting diabetes will increase exponentially with the amount of extra weight that you carry in your body and especially in your belly area (abdomen). Also, it must be stated that certain types of cancer like colon cancer and prostate is definitely caused by being overweight (it is one of the major causes, although not the only cause). Thus, losing weight will decrease your chances of getting cancer. Of course, there are varieties of other serious illnesses that may be triggered by being overweight. These include complications like high blood pressure and most importantly stroke. Recent studies suggest that your chances of getting a stroke rises exponentially for every 20 pounds of extra weight that you carry in your body. (So with odds like these, you should lose weight fast!!)

Of course, besides the big problems outlined above, losing weight can get rid of variety of small problems that may be bothering you. The most basic one is that your joints and your extremities like your ankles and knees will feel much better, since they will not be required to carry so much weight any more. This will decrease your chances of joint decay and arthritis especially when you are old. In addition, losing weight will help your lower back and your spine to feel less pressure. Having those extra pounds will put a demand on your skeletal system and you will need to watch out, if you don't want major complications especially when you are older. Thus, there are plenty of health reasons to lose weight as soon as possible. Living a long and healthy life is in your hands and you can start by shedding those extra pounds with dieting and exercise.