3 Reasons Why You are not Losing Weight

by : Jun Yuan Lim

Have you been caught in a situation where, you've been exercising regularly, watching what you eat, and do everything possible and yet you just don't seem to be able to shed those excess weight off your body? Do you know the reason why?

The main reason why you aren't getting rid of all these excess weight off your body is because your body may be suffering from a sluggish metabolism - meaning, your body is storing more of the food that you eat instead of converting them into energy.

There are 3 reasons as to why your body may be suffering from a sluggish metabolism, and they are:

1. Your body is running short of Selenium and Vitamin D

Research has shown that if your body does not have enough of Selenium and Vitamin D, it will affect your thyroid's ability to produce metabolism-regulating hormones. In order for your body's thyroid to function properly, your body requires about 55mg of Selenium daily. You can get your body's supply of Selenium daily by eating foods such as tuna, turkey and cottage cheese - all these foods contain a good amount of Selenium.

On top of Selenium, your body also require a dose of 0.01mg (400IU) of Vitamin D daily - and you can get them from foods such as low fat milk and salmon.

2. You avoid eating foods such as bread, pasta and rice

Foods such as bread, pasta and rice contain a high amount of carbohydrate, which is required by your body for energy. If your body is lacking in carbohydrate, your body will feel tired - and you'll be less likely to walk, exercise or engage in other calorie-burning activities.

3. You've been exposed to pesticides

Pesticides may be contained in the foods you eat everyday - and it is likely that the foods you eat may contain pesticides if its not organic.

Researchers in Canada found out that people who had the most organochlorines (which is a type of chemical contained in pesticides) in their bodies burned fat much more slowly compared to people who had lower levels.

It was also discovered that these Organochlorines may also interfere with the proper functioning of thyroid.

Therefore, to reduce the amount of Organochlorines in your body, it is highly recommended you opt for organic foods instead.