Avoid Becoming a Fitness Failure

by : Jerry Leung

It is sometimes a difficult for one to decide to start some weight loss of fitness program. You will need the courage to kick it start. Then you need to stick to all your dieting plans and exercising routine. However, the fact is that most people will quite the fitness program in less than six months.

The above fact can be due to various reasons. Some of the reasons include boredom and busy schedules. Sometimes a person will quite because others convince him / her that it is not worth taking part in the fitness programs.

As a result, you need to take some measures to make sure that you will not fail in your weight loss program. You need to first of all set a goal for yourself. You need to know how many pounds you would like to lose if you want to lose weight. However, you have to make the goal realistic. Obviously, losing 60 pounds in a month is not a realistic goal. As a matter of fact it will render risk to your life if you try to lose 60 pounds in a month.

You have to keep track of your progress based on the goal you have set. You will only have the motivation if you know that you are become closer to your target everyday. However, be careful when you are tracking your progress. Taking weight loss again for example, weigh yourself every single day may not help since your weight may fluctuate from one day to the other. And you may feel discouraged if you find that your weight goes up a little bit. The worse case is that you will quite the programs because you feel discouraged.

You should take various exercises if possible. Exercises are of course good for your body. However, you may feel bored if you do the exercise everyday. You may lose the interest to do the exercises in this case. Then you will just think of abandoning the program. As a result, you should try to do different exercises. You may try to go swimming on one day and try to go jogging the other day. You will not feel bored with the variety!

Lastly, you need to share your emotions with the others. You may try to discuss with your friends who are also undergoing fitness programs on different problems of fitness. If it is possible, you should also try to go to the gym with them. You will find it a lot easier if you can help each other.