The Zone Diet Program Tips

by : Murat Demir

A research scientist by profession, Dr. Barry Spears is the person behind the widely popular zone diet program. Since his book on "The Zone" came out some time in 1995, people have started trying it out, and results were consistently successful. Even doctors recommend the zone dieting for people who want to keep themselves healthy.

Through the zone diet program, one can rightly balance hormonal levels in the body. An imbalance in one's hormonal levels can lead to unhealthy weight gain or weight loss. Through proper dieting, hormones will be in check and will remain at healthy levels.

By adhering to a zone diet program, one can curb unhealthy cravings such as excessive carbohydrate cravings (pizza, pasta, bread, etc). Too much carbohydrate is certainly unhealthy. It's the number one cause of weight problems in most people.

Through the zone diet, blood sugar levels will stabilize. Too much sugar in the blood can lead to medical problems like diabetes for one. Also, right sugar levels ensure lasting energy in a day, plus, your food intake will be just right since you are not fooled into thinking and craving for unneeded food servings.

If you are on a zone diet, you will need to observe a balanced meal each time. You must see to it that daily intake will have the right amounts of protein (low-fat), the right amounts of carbohydrates (get them more from fruits or vegetables, in stead of breads and potatoes), and the right amounts of healthy fat (like olive oil). The officially recommended ratio is 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein, and 30% fat.

It is best to begin your day with a zone diet meal within an hour after you've waken. Spread your meals into five servings in a day and try to space them no more than five hours in between. Keeping this time table will allow your blood sugar level to remain stable. Always maintain an abundance of body liquids while on a zone diet. Take in at least eight glasses of water daily. That would roughly be around half a gallon.

Complement your zone diet program with a healthy lifestyle. Do not make a habit of staying up too late. Have six to eight hours of body rest nightly. Maintain regular physical activity such as brisk walking, stair climbing, manual work or house chore, and others.

The zone diet program will not give you a license to indulge in harmful vices. In fact, everything may be in vain if you stay in your vices. Those which already have medical problems in their family history should seriously think about quitting smoking, drinking, and taking prohibited drugs.

Zone dieting definitely works, people testify to that fact. Many have felt increased body and mind energy levels after only a week with it. Even those with existing medical conditions have seen an improvement in their physical wellbeing. This program is not a weight loss strategy, it is a health strategy. Watch the food you eat and watch the lifestyle you live. Do that, and better yet, let zone diet help do that for you.