Stay Away From Low Fat Desert!

by : Jerry Leung

We love desert! We usually want some deserts at the end of our meals. However, you may also know that desert usually means sugar and fat. This will probably be bad for you, especially if you are on diet.

Interestingly, if we have the chance to choose different foods, we will tend to have the fatty foods. This may be because we are just like other animals that we will need the fat to prepare for the cold winter. We will need a layer of fat so that we can keep ourselves warm in the winter.

There are some cases that we eat just because we would like to have some joy. This is probably why we love desert. Because we want some joy at the end of our meals, we would like to have some deserts. You may think that it is not true. However, you can just ask yourself a simple question. Will you die out of starvation if you do not have the desert? If your answer is a YES then the above are totally wrong. However, you will know the correct answer.

You may think that even if the above is true, it is still alright for you to have some desert since you will choose low fat desert. You will think that the low fat bla bla bla can pose fewer problems to your health or it will not do any harm to your weight loss plan. However, the truth is that you may try to eat twice as much of it. This will be a problem if you are on diet.

In fat, you should try your best to avoid desert even if it is low fat desert. You really want some desert at the end of a meal, you should go for fresh fruits. Fresh fruits are always the best desert for you.

You may think you will get bored if you take fruits as your desert. Yet there are various ways to treat fresh fruits. And this is just a matter of creativity. For example, you can bake an apple like a potato. Remember that you should avoid any sugar when you are baking the apple. The taste of it will be just wonderful!

Remember, you should avoid desert even if it is low fat desert. They will just give you a fake impression that they are healthy food. However, the truth is that they are still sugar and fat!