What is the Buzz on the Hoodia Weight Loss Patch?

by : Sheryl Polomka

Hoodia Gordonii is sold in a few different forms and one of the latest developments is the Hoodia patch. Patches have been used successfully in the past for birth control and to stop smoking so is it possible there is now a patch that can make you lose weight? The patch works by releasing the substance over a period of time which then passes through the skin and into your bloodstream. The birth control and stop smoking patches became very popular and very successful so why not for appetite control?

The biggest problem with the Hoodia weight loss patch is that there is no scientific evidence that it will help you lose weight or curb your appetite. There have been no clinical studies conducted on the Hoodia patches. Even though some product may claim to have proof that they work you cannot be guaranteed this if there has been no scientific trials done to support the claim.

When the patch for birth control was first introduced it was only available by prescription, which meant that it had undergone rigorous testing and scientific trials to ensure its safety and its effectiveness. It was approved by the Federal Drug Administration before it went on the market. It is interesting that the Hoodia patches are available over the internet without needing a prescription.

Overweight people are always looking for an easy way to lose weight and the Hoodia weight loss patch does seem very easy and if it works then how incredible would that be. Be very cautious however when purchasing a product that has had no scientific testing as you are really gambling with your own health if the product has no scientific proof of its safety. Also due to the lack of testing there is no evidence that the patch even works effectively so you could be just throwing your money away.

So don't risk your health on a product that has not had the appropriate testing performed on it. Hoodia is an effective way to lose weight but only use forms that have been tried and tested. Research Hoodia before purchasing and make sure that it has been tested and is certified as the real Hoodia.