Your Foundation for a Smart Natural Weight Loss Plan

by : Beck Monte

The natural health trend is more likely to help you achieve a natural weight loss if you remember the simple principle of not consuming more calories than your body uses; few ever listen to this suggestion. If it were that simple, which it should be, most slimming companies would be out of business; this obviously isn't as easy as it sounds because currently over a third of Americans are overweight. Of course, once you are overweight, you usually want to trim down for a whole lot of reasons, some related to health, others having to do with looks.
But the fact is it is a whole lot easier to prevent putting on pounds than to try losing them later on. Even though many people know this subconsciously very few actually plan to ensure that weight gain doesn't happen to them.
It has been shown that even when overweight people enjoy eating low calorie foods, the majority become bored and end up putting the weight back on because they slip back into previous ways. Natural weight loss is about losing weight for good and requires switching to healthy eating habits and implementing lifestyle changes to stay healthy.
There is a large number of health conditions associated with weight gain and the greater the increase in body weight the more that problems occur. The basics of eating correctly whilst maintaining a healthy weight is not all that complicated, in fact most people know pretty well what is best and that is losing weight naturally.
Natural weight loss requires a balanced approach which means a diet that contains quantities of complex carbohydrates, fiber, reduced fat and not too much protein. If you were looking at a meal then this would be a baked potato (carbohydrate), the vegetables would be the fiber and a little meat, is the protein.
Unfortunately, dietary fat contains higher amounts of calories than ordinary food which when consumed will just be converted to body fat more readily. Food manufacturers have been quick to react and have provided a huge range of low or no fat foods but despite this the American people are getting larger, the simple reason for this may surprise you!
Whilst completely false, the perception is that you can basically eat exactly what you want provided it is fat-free but there are still calories in the food which can easily be converted to body fat. Where this goes wrong is with overweight people who think that if it's fat free they can eat more of it instead of eating a healthy snack.
Some health care specialists believe that a good method is to eat smaller meals and healthy, nutritious snacks every 3 or 4 hours. Maintaining a healthy weight is just that; a natural weight loss program that will continue and allow you to live a long healthy life.