Weight Loss Needs Intervals

by : Gary Grewal

Finding time for ourselves is getting very difficult these days. This is mainly due to our hectic routine and thus we try to get maximum things done in the limited free time we get. Personal fitness is one of the things that we often neglect and don't pay much attention to. Some people simply don't find enough "intervals" to indulge themselves in some form of exercise so that they can stay in good shape. If you somehow manage to take out even 30 minutes from your routine and dedicate it to exercising you will see a major change in yourself.

Walking is the best exercise you can do. It helps you in doing low to medium intensity exercise at your pace and if you combine both these levels of intensities then you can maximize your weight loss result even further. You can do a one minute interval of fast walking or even slow running during your walking session so you get your desired result. Start with normal speed and maintain it for a few minutes or until you are comfortable with your pace. Then considerably increase your speed for one minute so much so that you feel "winded up". Then again slow down to your normal speed. Repeat this process throughout your exercising session and you will see drastic changes in you after just few days.

Here are some benefits of these intervals:
1. The first benefit that intervals offer you during the exercise is the large amount of weight loss that you have always wished to achieve.
2. These intervals help you in pushing yourself to the limits. Through these you can easily cross from anaerobic threshold to anaerobic metabolism. This will also help you in getting better at more intense exercises.
3. Once you feel physically fit you will find it much easier to do much intense exercises. Thus you will be able to burn even more calories once you start doing higher intensity level exercises.
4. Your better physical condition will make you feel less fatigued and you will feel fresher throughout your day. You will also notice another major change where you will find it easier to perform tough tasks.
5. Intervals in exercise will help you in increasing the metabolism of the body. This way you will be able to burn even more calories throughout the day.
6. Intervals make your body burn calories even after the exercise is done.
7. Intervals help you tone the muscles.
8. Intervals do not let you get bored during the exercise.
9. Intervals give you energy to do tough and more number of sets and let you have quick weight loss.

Short intervals during exercises are much more effective than normal exercising methods. You will not only experience quicker weight loss but also feel much energetic throughout the day. Another advantage to intervals in exercises is that they will add spice to your exercising routine and as a result you will not get bored.