Fast Food Tips for Weight Loss - the Worst and the Best

by : Alien

Most fast foods are so high in calories, saturated fats, and sodium that they not only make us fatter, but they also cause the buildup offat in our arteries, causing heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure.

The Worst

The average double cheeseburger, with large fries and a large soda, contains approximately 1,800-2,000 calories, and approximately 100 grams of fat, of which almost 40 grams are saturated fat. It also contains approximately 1,500 mg of sodium. So, for most people, that amounts to the number of calories that they would consume in one day and three to four times the amount of fat and salt that they would consume in any given day.

Two slices of pizza with extra cheese and/or meat contain 750-800 calories, 35-40 grams of fat (15 grams of saturated fat), and 2,000 mg of sodium.

Fried fish sandwiches contain approximately 700 calories, 40 grams of fat (15 grams of saturated fat), and 1,200 mg of sodium.

Nachos with cheese and sour cream contain 1,200-1,300 calories, 80 grams of fat (25 grams of saturated fat), and 2,500 mg of sodium.

A chocolate milkshake contains almost 800 calories and 40 grams of fat, of which 25 grams are saturated.

A large coke contains 200 calories.

Large fries contain 600+ calories, 20 grams of fat, and 10-12 grams of saturated fat.

Fried chicken or a fried chicken wrap with cheese and sauce contains 700 calories and 44 grams of fat (12 grams of saturated fat), and 2,000 mg of sodium.

The Best

Choose a single hamburger without cheese or sauce. Add lettuce, tomato, and onion, with or without ketchup or nonfat mayo, and skip the fries and order a diet soda.

Order a grilled chicken sandwich without the mayo, or better yet, a grilled chicken Caesar salad with fat-tree herb vinaigrette dressing (on the side).

A good choice is a small vegetable chili without cheese.

Soft chicken taco without sauce.

Pizza without extra cheese or meat; add fresh veggies to increase the nutrition content.

Order a large salad plain, or add grilled chicken, and add fat-tree dressing (on the side).

Roast beef sandwich without the sauce.

If you must have fries, order the smallest bag and either split with a friend or toss it in the trash when you are finished less than one-half of the bag.