Weight Loss Ephedra Diet Pills

by : Alien

Ephedrine is the most common ingredient in the weigh loss pills. Ephedrine is the extract from an herb named Ephedra. All the diet pills containing Ephedrine are more or les known as Ephedra diet pills. But these pills also contain ingredients like caffeine and aspirin. Ephedrine is a fat burner substance. It is also a suppressant. Since taking weight loss pills has become the order of the day, the Ephedrine containing pills are sold in various brand names. Some of the famous Ephedra brands are MeTrim, Metabolife, Adiiphen, Lipodrene, Thyro -slim and natural Trim.

To asses the efficacy of the Ephedra diet pills it is better to know something more about ephedrine. Ephedrine is basically an alkaloid. It is extracted from the plant named Ephedra Equisetina and its other species. It is indigenous to India, China and south Asia. The problem with the Ephedra pills is that it causes various illnesses among the users. The most common illness includes seizure, heart attack and stroke and even deaths. It is basically an amphetamine like substance. It has tremendous potential and can produce lethal stimulant effect on the nervous system. It results in the increased heart beats. It can also dilate the bronchial muscles, raise the blood pressure and can also stimulate the cardiac. All these actions may result in heart failure any time.

In addition to it Ephedra as a fat burner and diet supplement also produce psychological effects on the users. Sometimes it over stimulates the nervous system that is potentially dangerous for the users. There were constant warnings against the use of supplements containing ephedra. It was also declared against the federal laws meant for the protection of public health. Later federal Diet Association in America put restriction on its dose and asked the manufacturers for new labeling of the Ephedra pills. Thus only a recommended dose of this diet supplement can be taken. Moreover the medical use of Ephedra is allowed. But its use for the purpose of weight loss and body building is banned. The possession use and sale of the Ephedra is an offence and therefore punishable crime under the Federal law of America.

For intellectuals the natural way of dieting for weight loss is the real solution of excess fat. Ephedra diet pills do not really address the need of weight loss. Buying it is just a waste of money. Moreover it would be unreasonable for a sensible person to rely on over the counter products that are not legal.