3 Secrets to Losing Weight

by : Gary Kidd

If you do your research you will find endless places offering advice and tips on how to lose weight. With so many fad diets and weight loss pills available it is time to stop all the rubbish and give you the facts as they are. There are tow basics needed to lose weight and that is exercise along with healthy eating. In this article you can also learn 3 secrets to losing weight.

Secret number 1 - Stop using negative words and sentences. When you say "lose weight" think about what it means. When you actually lose something in life, it normally means you will get it back again or at least try, so in effect when you say lose weight you really mean you will put weight back on again later. Start using positive words like shed pounds or burn fat. So instead of getting rid of weight you get rid of fat. See what I mean?

Secret number 2 - There still remains the very best way to get rid of fat and that is to exercise more. Exercise will burn calories and help you burn off fat faster than anything else. Don't be scared of exercising. A simple walk each day will get your metabolism working just fine and burn off that fat faster than you can believe. Go swimming, or if you love golf play two or three times a week. Go for a bike ride or try some light jogging in the park. Maybe join a local Fitness Center and sign up to do aerobics. this can really help you burn off fat fast.

Secret number 3 - Stop drinking all those sodas and sweet fizzy drinks. replace them all with water. Water is healthier and will help you to burn off fat much faster. There are no calories in water and your body needs it to remain healthy. Eating watery fruits will also help as they your body can digest them a lot faster.

Remember, your mental state of mind is very important when it comes to losing weight. Unless you prepare yourself correctly you will have a lot of problems in shedding those extra pounds. Combining a good mental attitude with lots of exercise and drink as much water as you can, you will soon begin to see how easy it can be to get rid of that excess fat!

I hope you learn from these 3 Secrets to losing weight, or should i say 3 secrets to fast fat loss?