How to Lose Weight Naturally by Eating the Same Amount of Food

by : Gary Kidd

Just look at these figures! 73% of Americans are overweight. 35% are officially Obese! Wow, if that doesn't make you sit up and listen then nothing will.
Truth is, the "fast food" revolution means people eat more unhealthy foods unfortunately, but what most people don't know, is that they can lose weight without reducing the amount of food they eat.

Yes I know, generally people who are overweight eat too much. It is a simple fact of life. Not only that, as people get older, their metabolism slows down, meaning they do not burn as many calories as they once did. Eating habits have also changed. Fast food, TV Dinners, ready made supermarket food etc, are all a part of the problem.

So, how do you lose weight without having to starve yourself or drastically change your eating habits?

Well, it is important to understand that your metabolism is responsible for burning off the calories that you put into your body through eating. Some people have a very active metabolism naturally, while others struggle to keep their weight stable no matter what they do.

Although it is true that eating less will in time help you lose weight, providing you eat less fat and calories of course, but in truth, you can actually lose weight when you eat the same amount of food each day.

The trick is not really how much you eat, but what you actually eat. For instance, if you eat huge steaks each day, with a large portion of fries, all you need to do is eat a smaller steak, not so many fries and add more vegetables to your plate. It can end up the same amount of food, but because you are eating less fat, and reducing the calorie intake, providing you stimulate your metabolism a little more you will lose weight.

Understanding calories and how many you should eat each day will of course help when deciding on what to eat. Also, taking a natural supplement after eating can help to stimulate your metabolism and burn some extra calories without much effort on your part. A touch more exercise will help you lose weight faster, but for many that is not possible depending on how much time they have each day.

If you lose weight too fast, it has some terrible side effects, like lose skin, and that can lead to having to have an operation to remove it. Losing weight slowly and naturally is best so patience is needed.

By exercising more you can speed up the rate at which you burn calories, and it will help to build up your muscles and tighten your skin. Bare that in mind if you are serious about losing weight.

Eat more foods like rice, potatoes, cereals, chicken, fish. Try going a week without red meat but if you do eat red meat, reduce the size and add more vegetables to make up for it and do a bit more exercise too!

Try eating five smaller meals each day instead of one huge one. Tests have proven that eating smaller meals more often will stop you feeling hungry and help your metabolism to function better.

It may be advisable to speak with your Doctor first, or consult a nutritionist or expert in the weight loss industry.

Just remember that losing weight doesn't mean you have to go without food and feel hungry all the time. Simple, small changes to what you eat will do the trick just fine.