The Secret Law of the Universe for Natural Weight Loss

by : Gary Kidd

Believe it or not, there is a secret law of the universe that totally controls weight loss. I am going to tell you about this secret law in this article and why you should pay attention to it because this law will actually help you to lose weight naturally and easily if you abide by it. This law works so please make sure you read this article and fully understand it.

Ok, let me first tell you how this secret law works with regards to weight. You need to understand that there are certain principles, or laws of the universe that you personally do not control. For example, what goes up, must come down. Gravity sees to that. There is also a law of energy and a law of conservation. In other words, energy is always turned into something else but you cannot create energy or the form it changes into.

Now, having said that, you need to understand that calories are a form of energy. When you eat food they contain calories. Now what happens to those calories once they are inside you? Here is where you can control the secret law of the universe. If you do nothing after eating, those calories will turn into fat. It is a law that you cannot change if you do nothing. However, if you do exercise after eating, you can make those calories turn into energy which in turn makes you lose weight naturally.

You can decide of course on how many calories you eat when it comes to your mealtime, but you cannot control how many calories are in each type of food, that is set by the law of the universe as such.

Understanding this secret law means that you can use it to help you lose weight naturally and easily from now on.

If you put more calories into your body than it burns off, you will put on weight. Understand that law now and you will begin to understand why you are currently overweight.

Now, understand that if you put calories into your body and then do enough exercise to burn them off, your weight will not change. Or to explain that a little easier, if you consume an equal amount of calories that you naturally burn off your weight will not change.

Now here is the interesting part of this secret law. If you consume fewer calories than you burn off, guess what? Yes, that's right, you will burn fat and lose weight. Nothing can prevent this from happening. It is a law of the universe that no-one or nothing can change!

This really is all you need to understand regarding this secret law. Well, it is not secret anymore is it? Just remember the fewer calories you consume and the more you burn off will lead you to complete and natural weight lose.

To use this secret law to your advantage, just simply get to know your calories. To help you understand how many calories your body needs, times your body weight by the number 24. Then divide it by 2.2. That is what your body needs to remain at it's current weight.

Now, all you do when eating is count up the calories in the food you consume and total them up. Take or subtract one from the other and you will get the answer you need. In other words, find out how many calories your body needs. Then add up the calories you eat and subtract that from the first figure.

If you are eating too many calories than your body needs, you must exercise more to burn them off. That is all there is to it really. Easy huh?

So you can organise your diet accordingly from now on. Try not to lose more than 2 lbs a week or you will only lose water and muscles. Burn at least 500 calories a day if you want to lose 1 lb of fat each week.

There you have the secret law of the universe when it comes to naturally weight loss.