The 500-lb. Lawyer Who Was Buried in a Piano Crate

by : Jerome Kellner

I ran into a buddy recently who reminded me of the lawyer I helped bury a couple of years ago. My buddy is just like that lawyer, forever fat. He is into what I call "wait loss," waiting to lose weight. It will never happen. He knows my business and he mentioned that he needs to get on my program. But he has not, and is still waiting around to finally lose weight. He has been that way for years.

One of my fat loss tactics for people like him is called Create Your Own Click. Otherwise you can be waiting forever for something to click to make you finally lose the weight you need to lose. Creating your own click is a proactive approach and easy to do. You create your own click instead of waiting for it to magically appear. You make it happen. Anyone can do this immediately.

Here is a powerful way to create your own click. Set aside 10 minutes of absolute quiet time, when you are alone and will not be disturbed. Unplug the phone or turn it off. You are doing all this for the single purpose of creating your own click to lose weight.

You are doing it because you know you can and have decided that you are not going to wait for something to click. Get the mindset of you are going to proactively create your own click. That is your intention and you cannot fail. It is, in fact, easy. Get in a comfortable chair or whatever position you find relaxing, be it sitting, lying down, in a recliner chair. Relax. Breathe deeply, let yourself settle down.

When you are fully relaxed, affirm to yourself or out loud these words, or words you choose: "I have had it with being fat. I am done. I am putting being fat behind me forever. I am creating my own click right now, instead of waiting for it to happen sometime in the vague future. I am taking control right now. From this day forward I am going to focus on losing fat and getting fit, one day at a time. I am creating that click right now. And I will succeed. I have succeeded. I have just succeeded in creating my own click, instead of waiting for it to happen. And I will be just as successful on my fat loss program. It is as good as done."

Snap your fingers each time you say the word click if you like; the more emotion you put into affirming your intention, the better. And you have indeed just created your own click.

Or you can choose to continue practicing wait loss, and maybe end up like Ed (not his real name), the 500-pound lawyer who is no longer with us. He suffered a massive coronary infarction, a heart attack, and died in his early 30s.

His early death was a tragedy. He was a smart guy and could have put all his intellectual powers to work and lost all the weight he needed to lose. Anyone can. But he did not, and now it is too late for Ed. He paid the ultimate price for practicing wait loss.

As sad as his death was, another friend of mine who never lets anything get in his way of seeing the humor in things, said before the funeral, "My God, they are going to need a piano crate to bury Ed in."

And indeed the casket that held Ed was a biggie, which are being made more commonly these days, along with oversize furniture, hospital beds, clothes, etc. I will never forget the cemetery scene, where we pallbearers actually had to walk uphill hefting Ed in that piano crate-sized casket. I thought we were going to have heart attacks.

If you are like most people, you probably think that something like the heart attack Ed suffered cannot happen to you. Maybe, maybe not. A heart attack is just one of many risks of overweight. Recent findings show overweight is connected to many more forms of cancer than previously known. Along with stroke, diabetes and all the other unsavory scenarios being overweight invites into your life.

So I urge you to get out of your "wait loss" mode and into creating your own click right now to lose weight, healthfully and permanently. Turn your wait loss into real weight loss. You can do it.