Weight Loss Diet Reviews

by : Robert Kamau

There are many ways to lose weight out there. Some of them include exercises, pills, supplements, diets and outright starvation. While not all methods we use to lose weight work fast, there are some diets that are not as harsh and actually work if the program is followed well. You will need to know how to get a good weight loss diet program that works and this is not usually an easy task. There are several reviews online that will help you identify just which diet regime will deliver results and which wont.

Why Low Fat Grams In Food Won't Help you Lose Weight

A good weight loss diet program should explain why sticking to only some low fat food doesn't actually work and why being overly conscious of the fat grams in food wont help much either. There are actually some food fats that are useful in increasing metabolism and burning that extra fat. You may wonder why more and more people are getting fat and obese even as they turn to low fat lifestyles.

Why Low Carb Weight Loss Diets Don't Work Either

The most successful diet programs will also explain to you why most low carb foods affect your moods. The fact is low carbohydrate foods deprive your body of necessary energy and leave you miserable and weak. Some of the low carb diets are so strict that they do not allow you to even eat a whole fruit in the first week or ever order a full meal in a restaurant.

This will usually leave you miserable and down eventually you loose the will and the determination required to stick to whatever diet plan you are on. Your mind has such a strong unconscious influence on you that it eventually shuns you from keeping to the program and you eventually drop it without the desired results. It's not your fault, but the extremely harsh diets', that you soon become a dieting junkie.

And Neither Will Eating Low Calorie Foods

Qualities of an effective diet program include its ability to explain why even some low calorie diets, which so many people are fond of, don't work either. The reason why even low calorie diets usually fail is because of a process called metabolism rate. This is the rate and process of burning calories in your food into energy. Look at it like a mechanism that breaks down the food into energy (calories) for your body.

When your body detects a sharp decrease in carbohydrates intake, it is designed to adjust the amount it breaks down per day to compensate for the lost amount of daily calories. This simply means the net effect of your efforts to reduce on carbs is nil.

You still end up converting an equal amount of calories and hence fat even with your strict non-carb diet. This is a body system that has evolved over millions of years and there is simply no easy way to deceive it, you need to work with it.

This is the number one reason why you have failed in your past dieting programs and without a full understanding of how to harness the power of your metabolism rate, you failure is still guaranteed.

Why You Need To Eat More Than Three Meals A Day To Lose Weight, WHAT!!

A good diet program should therefore guide you, with full details on your metabolism rate and explain to you why you need to eat more than three times a day in order to loose weight. Yes, you heard that right. More than three meals a day.