Open Your Mind; Not Your Wallet For Weight Loss And Fat Burning

by : Robert Kokoska

Our world has gone gadget crazy. Losing weight today is more about which machine will help you to get there the fastest instead of getting there in a slow, healthy manner. When the gadgets don't work, weight loss surgery has taken the number two spot. The key to losing weight has nothing to do with the latest toy or the removal of the stomach, it has to do with remembering one important factor, The weight was not gained overnight!

The majority of people who find themselves overweight rarely weigh themselves on a daily basis. On the other hand, people who are actively trying to lose weight often weigh themselves two to three times a day. It takes a total of a 3500 calorie deficit to lose 1, simple pound. Those 3500 calories are not going to disappear between breakfast and lunch. The scale is not your friend during your weight loss journey, but, a tape measure will be.

Weight loss, especially for women, is a roller coaster of water weight. One day you may see a number that is 5 pounds heavier on the scale and the next day 5 pounds lighter. This fluctuation of weight, in some cases, is the reason people mentally sabotage their diets. They think that the scale is the center of the weight loss world and they rely solely on those numbers. Throw out the scale and invest in a paper or plastic tape measure to judge your weekly success.

The tape measure is not a costly device, it will not keep track of your calories burned or calories eaten. Your heart rate will not be displayed and it will not give you a pat on the back when you choose to eat the whole wheat bread over the processed white bread. It will, however, measure your success correctly and effectively. The inches we lose on our bodies are a real indication of a change in size not the numbers on a scale.

Another big misconception when trying to lose weight is the need for gym equipment in the home. A treadmill is nice, but there is always the open road. An elliptical is fun, but there is always hop scotch. Life is about living and living can not be a part of our lives if we choose to spend all of our time indoors. When trying to lose weight, work 2 to 3 exercise routines a week into your schedule that are outside workouts. They do not have to be jogs or even walks, they can be a game of pick up basketball with your child or a dancing to a favorite song with your spouse. When exercise is fun and there is no expensive machine staring at us, the weight will come off easier and the exercise plan will be more effective because you will stick with it longer.

Losing weight is one of the best and most difficult decisions of a persons life. While it seems simple to choose to eat less and move more, the mainstream media has taken the world by storm convincing us all that we need these expensive pieces of equipment to gauge our success and make our success easier. It was easy to gain the weight and that was the most unhealthy choice of all, I think I will work to get back to where I am healthy.